The Chateau

Lakewood, Ohio

February 11—15, 1963

Streisand headshot

In 1963, while Barbra Streisand was appearing on Mike Douglas' television show for a week in Cleveland, she was also booked at the Chateau, located in Lakewood, a West Side suburb of Cleveland. Appearing at the Chateau was part of Barbra's promotional tour for The Barbra Streisand Album.

In Douglas' book, I'll Be Right Back, he tells the story of how he brokered a deal with the owner of the Chateau: Barbra was paid $2,500 for the week. Supper-clubbers paid $7.00 each (for dinner and drinks) to see Streisand.

Peter Daniels, Barbra's accompanist, recalled: “There were two big pillars on each side of the room, and if you sat behind them you couldn't see Barbra. But there wasn't any audience. It was the height of winter, and the orchestra was the worst. Barbra was a little depressed. She'd sing for half an hour and the few people just sat there, with no reaction.”

Karen Gray, part of the The Secrets — and all-girl rock-and-roll group — told writer Deanna R. Adams: “And when we played the Chateau on the west side, we were the act following Barbra Streisand!”

Below: This is the only photo I've ever been able to find of the Chateau—The Secrets are on stage, and shared the bill with Streisand.

The Secrets on stage at the Chateau


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