“The Boy Friend”

Cecilwood Theatre Playhouse

Fishkill, New York

August 16—30, 1960

When she was 18 years old, Barbra played Hortense, the French Maid, in Sandy Wilson's musical, The Boy Friend.

Streisand plays in Boyfriend

Ron Rifkin, who also performed at Cecilwood that summer recalled, “She was extraordinary. She made up this crazy accent—French from the moon—and during the rehearsal lunch breaks, she wouldn't eat but would stay in the empty theater practicing ‘A Sleepin' Bee.’ She had a single-mindedness about her, a drive that I had never seen before.”

Streisand shows some leg as Hortense, the French maid

As Hortense, Streisand had a big song called “Nicer in Nice.” Some of the lyrics are:

They say it's lovely when a

Young lady's in Vienna

But it's nicer, much nicer in Nice

In Amsterdam or Brussels

The men have great big muscles

But they're nicer, much nicer in Nice

I've heard that the Italians

Are very fond of dalliance

And they're also keen on it in Greece

But whatever they may say

This is where I want to stay

For it's so much nicer in Nice...

Below: a rare shot of Streisand as Hortense in The Boy Friend. She is probably singing “Nicer in Nice” in the photograph.

Nicer in Nice


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