Barbra: The Music, The Mem’ries, The Magic
... The Encore! 2017

Brooklyn, New York

May 6, 2017

Barclays Center

Streisand sings in Brooklyn

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Barbra and her dog Sammie backstage

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Photo above, right: Barbra backstage with her dog, Sammie. Below: The Clintons get a standing ovation as they take their seats.

Clintons at Streisand concert

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Concert Summary by Matt Howe

Streisand in Second Act gown - Photo by Joe Naughton

Barbra Streisand added two more concerts to her tour, The Music, The Mem’ries, The Magic. She subtitled the shows The Encore. Barbra told WNYC Radio “It is my last tour, but I don't want to say it. I mean I may sing here and there, but I'm never going to prepare something for three months again.”

The Barclays Center had an electric energy on May 6th. Lots of celebrities in the audience: Sigourney Weaver, Dr. Oz, Michelle Williams, John McEnroe, Ben Stiller, Josh Brolin, Neil Patrick Harris, Linda Lavin, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.

Streisand poses with the Clintons

The audience went nuts when President Clinton and Hillary Clinton took their seats around 8:15 p.m. I've never seen such a positive commotion! Applause and cheers. People standing on their seats to take camera photos. What a reception! After they took their seats, the lights went to black and the show began.

And it was a very special show. Barbra's voice was exceptional all evening and she really seemed to be giving it her all.

“Hello, Brooklyn! I'm baaack! Again!” Barbra greeted the soldout audience.

“You know, ya gotta love Brooklyn,” she stated. Then Barbra told a very funny anecdote. The day before, while walking her dog, Sammie, she stopped in an antique store a spied an antique frame that she admired that happened to contain a photo of her. The store owner asked her to sign the photo. Barbra asked him how much for the frame. $500. Barbra turned the frame over and saw a sticker for $250. “I said, ‘What's up with that?’” He said, “Now it's a collector's item.” “Welcome to Brooklyn!,” Barbra joked.

Then Barbra turned the attention to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton (“the winner of our country's popular vote”). “I'm really touched that you're both here tonight,” Barbra said.

More politics: Barbra recited some facts about President Clinton's accomplishments — economic prosperity, new jobs, and the surplus he left America with. “And speaking of taxes, he showed us his tax returns!”

There were a few shouts of “Sing!” from audience members not fond of Barbra's comments about the Clintons. (Barbra has never hidden her politics ... one wonders why those people would be offended or suprised? Especially with the Clintons in the house?)

Barbra announced that, this evening, “music transcends politics,” and the show got back on track.

Following “Everything,” Barbra proceeded to tell the story about the People album cover and how the record company didn't like the view of her back. Some new album cover comments followed. First, Barbra showed the My Name is Barbra album cover taken by her brother Sheldon. Then, the Superman cover in her short-shorts. “Here's a cover they were thrilled to see me from the rear ... Ahh, those were the days,” she sighed.

Barbra mentioned how much she enjoyed singing “Evergreen” for Bill Clinton at his inauguration.

Below: Singer Stevvi Alexander harmonizes with Streisand on “Enough is Enough.”

Streisand singing Enough is Enough

I have to mention, again, that Barbra knocked “Being Alive” out of the ballpark both nights, including this Brooklyn show. Wow!!

Another funny moment during her introduction to “Children Will Listen.” When Barbra mentioned the quote from Frederick Douglass — which she'd used in the show before the November 2016 election— (“it's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”) Barbra heard some of the audience snicker. “You're laughing because Trump didn't really know he was dead? This is a slick audience. I must say.”

Again, “Papa, Can You Hear Me” elicited tears and applause as the closer of Act One.

Streisand sings in Brooklyn

In Act Two, when introducing the Encore section, Barbra asked, “Oh, am I ahead of the screen? Oh well. It is my last performance ...” There were shouts of “No!” from the audience. Barbra shrugged her shoulders. “Well, you know, other things to do.”

Lots of standing ovations, including after Barbra's dramatic rendition of “Losing My Mind” and the powerful “How Lucky Can You Get.”

Barbra introduced the band and made a point to specially thank her team — plus camera, lights, sound, assistants, security, etc.

“People” was beautiful and strong and somehow had greater meaning tonight.

Barbra eschewed her walk-offs at this point (she usually walks off between the LED screens, then returns to the stage). “I usally walk off here and come back, but what the hell .... I'm going to stay here and do my last two songs. You can't fire me, right?”

“Everything Must Change” was beautiful ... and poignant since President Clinton was in the audience and Barbra dedicated it to her recently departed friend Sandy Gallin and Clinton's mother. Barbra included some new lyrics at the end of the song:

And when a soul departs

It touches many hearts

But that's the way of time

Nothing and no one goes unchanged ....

The band played the “Happy Days” music. “That's my walk-off music,” Babra said, “but I'm just gonna go ahead and do the last song. It's the last song of my mini-mini tour. The last time was four dates, and this time it's only two dates ....”

After a heartfelt version of “I Didn't Know What Time It Was,” Barbra brought her dog Sammie out on stage and waved goodbye. “Drive carefully!” she said. “Thank you so much!”

Streisand on stage with albums as background


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