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Appearing for the first time ever in Israel, Cologne, Amsterdam and returning to London for the first time in over six years, Barbra Streisand Live promises to be a magical evening of timeless hits, combining her elegant voice, with self-deprecating humor and charming banter.

Surrounded by a full orchestra and with special guests Chris Botti, her son Jason Gould, and sister Roslyn Kind, all of whom performed last year on Back to Brooklyn, Barbra’s highly successful North American tour, Barbra Streisand Live will deliver a truly enchanting evening.


The Tour

Each city, below, has its own page with photos, set lists, reviews and more...

Concert Credits

  • Produced by: Barbra Streisand
  • Executive Producer: Marty Erlichman
  • Production Directed by: Barbra Streisand & Richard Jay-Alexander
  • Music Director: William Ross
  • Written by: Barbra Streisand, Jeffrey Richman, Jay Landers, & Richard Jay-Alexander
  • Music Supervisor: Jay Landers
  • Production Supervisor: J.J. Erlichman
  • Tour Manager: Marty Hom
  • Production Manager: Mike Weiss
  • Stage Designer: David George
  • Lighting Designer: Peter Morse
  • Sound Designer: Bruce Jackson
  • Personal Assistant to Ms. Streisand and Samantha Brolin: Renata Buser
  • Personal Assistant to Marty Erlichman: Tracy Quinn
  • Road Manager: Allan Tate
  • Ticketing Manager: Shelley Lazar
  • Stage Manager: Richard Bray
  • Ms. Streisand's Wardrobe Designed by: Donna Karan
  • Hair Stylist to Ms. Streisand: Soonie Paik
  • Dresser to Ms. Streisand: Kendall Errair
  • Wardrobe: Jamie Dollhopf, Thomas Wells
  • Merchandising Designed by: Barbra Streisand
  • Program Company: Plan R Marketing, Peter Fletcher
  • Program Art Direction/Design: Mary Maurer (2310 Design)
  • Design/Production: Michael Lau-Robles
  • Collage Design: Hooshik
  • Tour Photographer: Russell James
  • Photo Archivist for Barbra Streisand: Kim Skalecki
  • Stand-in For Ms. Streisand: Liz Callaway

Press & Stories About the Tour

Streisand Tour Q&A:

Here’s how the LA Times described your show:

The evening’s talky rhythm (the show had more asides than a Shakespeare tragedy) put the audience immediately under the spell of her folksy grandiosity. Streisand ... isn’t just a star — she’s a world view, a style of being, an entire cosmology, with the highest possible thread-count sheets. You don’t just come for the music; you come for the whole church service. The sermon, broken up into bits, is inseparable from the songs.

How would you describe it?

Wow, they said all that? That’s very interesting. I don’t know how to describe it myself... that’s for you guys, from the press to do. I just try to put together a wonderful show for the audience and in this particular instance it’s a delight for me to have my family along... my very gifted son, Jason, and my sister, Rozzie. I also love having a sixty piece orchestra and a big choir and working again with the amazing, Chris Botti.

Your concert features a 60 piece orchestra conducted by Bill Ross. When you put a great voice with a great orchestra it provides a huge emotional connection to every seat in the house. Does this help you bring the intimacy of a small theatre to the arena?

When I’m on stage it doesn’t matter to me whether I’m in a nightclub or an arena... I try to be truthful to the music and the lyrics and that has always guided me throughout my career. I always feed off the energy of a live orchestra and a live audience.

With your incredible repertoire, how do you determine which songs to perform?

I’m always amazed at how many songs I’ve actually recorded from which to choose. This time around I’m choosing some songs that I’ve never sung before and some older ones that I like to reinterpret. I’ve always been blessed to sing songs by the best composers and lyricists throughout the decades. I love finding new meanings in these great songs, whether old or new. If you stick with great material, you can always find inspiration.

What is the most important thing you hope your fans take home with them after every show?

What I hope they take away is a feeling of connection and emotion... and, of course, maybe a souvenir program, a t-shirt for Women’s Heart research and my son’s new CD.

In both North American and now with the upcoming European tour, you’re appearing with your son Jason Gould and your sister Roslyn Kind. How did this come about and how does having your family with you enhance the experience?

Well, I must tell you it was all quite a surprise. I didn’t even know that Jason sang. He brought me a couple of songs he recorded in a studio, as he was about to put out an EP, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing... my jaw dropped! I asked him if he would come on tour with me and happily, he said yes! I then asked Rozzie to join us and make it a family affair. I love having them on stage with me.

You have introduced a section on ‘Truth Alerts’ on your website. Are you enjoying the direct to fan connection that the internet enables you to have? Is this something you plan on continuing and possibly expanding?

I hate made up stories, so I will continue. The internet has given me an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings about the issues of the day directly with my fans. If you read it on my website, it’s something I actually said or wrote.

You’ve won Oscars for Best Actress (Funny Girl) and Best Original Song (Evergreen); received 8 Grammy Awards; your combined album sales of more than 72.5 million in the United States alone (International many more, 120-140 million) exceed that of all other female singers and your first book “My Passion For Design” debuted at number Two on the New York Times Best Seller List. You’re an established philanthropist and a staunch supporter of civil rights. What’s next for the woman’s who’s bold, creative achievements have already garnered so much?

There aren’t enough hours in the day... I love recording... I am now working on a Duets album with some wonderful artists. I have my eye on a couple of films to direct and, of course, my devotion right now to my Women’s Heart Center at Cedars in Los Angeles and other philanthropic interests. I would like a little more time to tend to my garden, but I’m happy to have my days as full as they are.

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Billboard July 5, 2013

[...] Barbra Streisand ranks second this week with $18.3 million in box office revenue reported from the final four stops on her summer tour in Europe and Israel.  With jazz artist Chris Botti on tap as support, along with her son Jason Gould and her sister Roslyn Kind, Streisand performed concerts in five markets this summer.  The first two sold out performances were on June 1 and 3 at London’s O2 Arena with £4.8 million ($7.3 US$) in revenue from 27,799 fans.  That two-night engagement was included in an earlier Hot Tours tally two weeks ago.  This week’s report includes the concerts in Amsterdam, Köln and Berlin as well as the final two-show stint in Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium on June 20 and 22.  Overall totals from her 2013 tour are $25,689,348 in gross sales from eight sold out concerts.  A total of 103,876 tickets were sold in all five markets.

Weekly .com Boxscores - July 3, 2013

Total Gross
Show Dates
Show Venue/City (Shows/Sellouts)
Total Attendance (Capacity)

June 6-22
Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam (2/2)
Lanxess Arena, Köln, Germany (1/1)
O2 World, Berlin (1/1)
Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv (2/2)
76,077 (76,077)


Weekly .com Boxscores - June 19, 2013

June 1-3
O2 Arena, London (2/0)
24,594 (27,799)


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