Streisand: 2013 Concert Tour

Tel Aviv, Israel

June 22, 2013

Bloomfield Stadium

Streisand sings in Israel

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“Diana's Daughters” (Rosyln Kind and Barbra):


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Streisand sings in Israel on 22 June

Fan Reviews & Photos

Leehee Kanne's Experience

Two of the most incredible nights of my life happened this past week. On Thursday I had the privilege of a third row center seat for Barbra's show, and it was the most wonderful night I could ever imagine. Seeing her so close, watching her get emotional singing "Papa Can you Hear Me?", dancing and singing along to "Woman In Love".... I honestly thought it couldn't get better than that. I was on cloud nine. 

And then came Saturday's show. 

After a wonderful fan gathering, I met my mom at the entrance to the stadium. We were ready with our Barbra shirts on, first in line. See, I knew that if you come in early, wearing a Barbra shirt, and sitting in somewhat crappy seats, there is a good chance you will get an upgrade to the first or second row (These are Barbra's orders — that the real fans sit in the first two rows!). So we were DETERMINED to get that upgrade. I won't write too much about the stupid, stupid ushers in Bloomfield who almost ruined it for me by not letting us in because of a problem with reading the tickets — I was this close to killing them — but we eventually made our way to our seats and waited. My friends Zohar and Kiril had already been upgraded, and I was feeling more anxious by the moment. On Thursday I had talked to one of the production assistants and introduced myself, talking about Pittsburgh and how much we both love it, and made sure to tell her I was coming back on Saturday night and sitting waaay up high. Anyway, she was walking around my section on Saturday but I knew I wasn't allowed to approach her - it had to be random, and she had to approach me otherwise they would be open to lawsuits of favoritism and such. So I waited, and waited. Finally, I called out "Virginia" (cause that's where she's from) but she still didn't look. Unbeknowst to me, this wasn't the girl I had talked to on Thursday, but her lookalike sister!!! So she walkie talkied her sister and said, "There's a girl here that's calling me Virginia!". About ten minutes later, as I was sitting with tears of frustration welling up in my eyes, both sisters approached me - she remembered!! and came over from the other side of stadium just for me.  She actually apologized for taking so long and handed me a ticket as I was sobbing to her face, thanking her over and over again, and then my mom joined in and both sisters took us down to the orchestra and led us to our FRONT ROW CENTER SEATS. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy and thanked them both for remembering me and coming to get me, and my mom told them they had made her week and her year!! After screaming and hugging Zohar and Kiril, all of us not fully believing our good fortune, we waited for the show to start. And what a show it was!!!!!! 

From the moment Barbra came onstage, she — and the audience — were on FIRE. She wasn't holding anything back vocally, as this was her last show of this tour — and it showed. She was loving it, loving us, and interacted with the people sitting in the first row throughout the whole show. My moment came early — she was talking about how this tour started out in Brooklyn last year, and I cheered loudly. She then turned to me and asked, "Were you there??" I enthusiastically yelled "YESS!!!", and she continued, looking straight at me, to ask: "But where do you live??", to which I replied — "Tel Aviv!!!". She looked into my eyes and said "You live here in Tel Aviv and you came to Brooklyn?? Wow. I applaud you". As she said that, she put her hands together and bowed slightly in my direction. I blew her a kiss with both hands and then she moved on. It was  UNBELIEVABLE. 

She also talked to Kiril and Zohar during the show, which made it even better. She really and truly performed for us! Zohar, Kiril, my mom and I were the first to our feet after every number, and she loved us back. She answered every fan, looked at us, smiled at us. During the second act, I yelled out "I love you!" and she looked at me and said "Thank you", and you could see she was taking it in. When Zohar told her she loved her, she put her hand on her heart and said "I can feel it". Kiril yelled "You're a dream!" and she replied "now it's a dream that came true, no?". 

She took my breath away in the BEST rendition of "Didn't We" I have ever heard; "Woman In Love", "Enough is Enough" and "Guilty" were again highlights where we all stood and danced. "Papa Can You Hear Me" was chilling; "Hatikvah" was even better than on Thursday. She was also dancing in the background when Jason sang, it was so adorable. "Make Our Garden Grow" with the breeze in her hair and her dress blowing was a thing of beauty - overwhelming, really. 

The energy in the stadium was palpable. She was overjoyed, and just kept coming back... "Send in The Clowns" and "Happy Days" were a celebration of love between her and the audience. During her third and final encore, "Some Other Time", people rushed the stage and were just sending her loving vibes, right to her face (as well as cellphone cameras LOL). She said she wished she had a camera to capture the people's faces, and kept admiring us - "Look at my groupies! My Jewish groupies!". She acknowledged us when we made requests for songs - "These are die hard fans!". Even after she left the stage after that final song, she came back one more time just to acknowledge us again, putting her hand to her heart, accepting the love we were sending her way. You could tell she was moved. 

Barbra herself said she will never forget this night and how special it was. So, what more could I possibly add? 

I will never, ever, ever forget it. Locking eyes with Barbra and have her acknowledge my love for her. Hearing that voice live while looking at her so closely. Feeling the energy around me. 

A M A Z I N G. 


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