Streisand: 2013 Concert Tour

Berlin, Germany

June 15, 2013

O2 World

Streisand wearing new gold outfit


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by Christian Marcone

June 15th 2013! A magnificent Saturday night in Berlin: inside the O2 World Arena, 12,000 people, some of them coming outside Germany (like UK, Austria, Poland, France and -like me-Italy), are all waiting for the show to begin! We are sitting cradled by our emotions, in a crescent & running trepidation... It's the first time I can finally see her LIVE and I feel so excited and terribly happy!

Finally, the lights fade, the orchestra starts to play and a beautiful video delights our eyes.

And then... Barbra suddenly appears in a golden dress! Let's admit it, the concert couldn't begin in a better way! First standing ovation! Just for the record, there will be subsequently a standing ovation for EACH song performed during all the concert.

Immediatly pure gold came out from her throat with a splendid rendition of "On a Clear Day": Barbra is in great shape, her voice is strong and pure, there's a sort of "renewed" vocal power in her on the stage and this will be a constant feature of all the concert. As the German fellows will confirm throughout the evening, the beautiful state of her voice is ultimately evident to anyone, making the remark "her voice is much more brilliant now compaired to last 2007 Berlin concert" the most frequent comment all around.

The atmosphere becomes more intimate with the jazzy "Nice 'n Easy /That Face" medley, the "Release Me" song "Didn't We" and a real dive into that first-Barbra's-recording-mood thanks to "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered".

Bill Ross, who's been arranger and conductor of so many beautiful Streisand's albums, conducts the brilliant orchestra with evident style.

And then, our golden Barbra surprise all of us, announcing that she's going to sing entirely "Woman in Love"! And few minutes later, with a completely captured audience standing up for her, Barbra innocently admits: "maybe I lost something not singing this song for 30 years, right?".

Barbra jokes with the audience: "This is not a tour, this is a mini-tour... or maybe a micro-tour".

After showing us a video Jason presented her as a gift for a past birthday, enriched by his singing "Nature Boy", mother and son finally duet together on stage in "How Deep is the Ocean". Barbra says it's time to change her dress and Jason remains to sing "Morning Prayer", a beautiful evocative song whose author, as stressed by Barbra, is her son.

Streisand returns in black suit, with a dramatic performance of Yentl's "The Way He Makes Me Feel" (nearer to the "classical" film version more than the pop one), followed by "Guilty" with Barbra happily joking and appreciating the audience partecipation.

The "Ask Barbra" section is highlighted by her answer to a request of "who could play YOU on a screen biopic?": "in the role of the younger me: Jennifer Lawrence! and in the role of the older me: Jennifer Lawrence!". We are all laughing, extremely delighted by her humour: Barbra is so funny when she underlines the years that are passing by, asking to a 16 years old fan if she became devoted to her thanks to her mother or grandmother :-) or reminding us how unfair was the one who said about her "Gosh! Still that old fat woman singing... Because I'm not THAT fat!".

It follows Donna Summer's remembering, with the smashing hit "Enough is Enough", another concert highlight: the audience seems greatly to appreciate Barbra's unusual choice to sing her most commercial hits. We all know she's doing a great present to her European audience.

After a touching, tender version of "The Way We Were", dedicated to composer and friend Marvin Hamlisch who passed away last year, Act One concludes with a powerful and spectacular medley of Jule Styne's (lyrics by Sondheim) "Gypsy": Barbra first explains the audience the story of Mama Rose (thanks Barbra, because people like me didn't know really that much about Gypsy plot) and then she explodes in a vibrant, energetic, "nasty" perfomance, that evolves into her classic "Don't Rain On My Parade" number. Her acting is so good that the Gypsy film version seems not a dream but a concrete possibility.

Act Two begins with a splendid Barbra in her famous "red" Art déco dress, singing "My Man"; it follows the medley "What'll I Do? / My Funny Valentine" with Chris Botti's trumpet as a perfect match to her voice. After Chris remembers Barbra how this tour is properly a sort of "vacation" for her, due to the little number of chosen dates ("it's hard work, honey" Barbra replies with a smile, "I do 250 concerts a year!" Botti says, "They told me tonight is my 98th concert..." Barbra continues " 50 years!" ), the pair move to perform magnificently "Lost Inside of You" and then "Evergreen", reminding us how beautiful are the melodies of the songs written by Barbra.

Barbra introduces a special segment just for Botti, with the trumpetist performing a two-instrument-duet called "Emmanuel" with violinist Lucia Micarelli ("a girl with beautiful Italian name" says Barbra).

Streisand returns with her classic "People" (who moved many tears in the folks around), and a most beautiful tribute to happiness and positivity in "Here's To Life". And she jokes again with the audience, making squeezy noises while sipping her tea; someone asks if she'll go the gay parade in Berlin... "No" she replies "because I think they're all here!" :-) To the one praying her to tour again, maybe in South Africa, Barbra confesses on stage that she's claustrophic, she doesn't like to catch an airplane or even to stay on an elevator, but she'd love to tour again, "never say never!", and she's talking with Jim about doing it even just to get a chance to meet again Mandela, wishing the best for his health. "And about Paris?"... "I had to choose and I choose Berlin" she replies firmly, to avoid polemics about Paris cancellation date.

And then, a truly big musical number: a choir of Berlin teenagers (Junges Ensemble Berlin), 3 operatic singers from the group "Adoro" (Assaf Kacholi, Peter Dasch, Nico Müller), Jason Gould, Botti and Micarelli join the stage, surrounding la Streisand with a brand class choral edition of "Make Our Garden Grow". Barbra's vocals are incredibly superb. Again a standing ovation, one of the longest of the evening.

But wait a moment! where's Rozzy? I was thinking she was ill because we didn't see her in 2 hours when she appears on stage, sharing memories with Barbra about how their mother was such a good singer but also was too shy to stay in front of an audience: while we hear a 50's recording of their mother singing, Barbra shouts "Mama, finally you're on stage!".

Then, the two sisters got into a vibrant duet of Chaplin's Smile". Roslyn Kind's voice is firmly strong, more a mezzo-soprano type compaired to Barbra's one, who's such a dramatic soprano (a belter who sings "di petto", with "breast" ---tonight literally with Donna Karan's outfit , as they are all commenting behind me ^_^) and the higher notes are for Barbra.

The moment to say "goodbye" arrives and Barbra wants the audience to sing with her "Happy Days Are Here Again": the moment is excellent and joyful, but we are unable to let her go. Barbra returns again and touch our hearts with the bitterness of "Some Other Time". But again we all want an "encore": Barbra did it with such an excellent performance of "Send in the Clowns" that has brought all the arena to her feet.

The lights are now on but we are still in a dreaming mode: we're so happy but at the same time with a touch of melancholy, because this experience has come to end. Maybe, it's time for a drink, just to share with words the sensational feelings lived during all this spectactular night.

What's the best memory I have?

To have felt warmth, passion and gratitude filling all the arena; a flow of wonderful and sincere admiration all directed to Barbra: for the myth who was just standing there, for the woman we all admire, for the artist we simply love.

Thank you Barbra. This was truly the Night of My Life!


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