Streisand: 2006 North American Concert Tour

Phoenix, Arizona

November 16th

US Airways Center

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Set List

Act One

Streisand singing on Phoenix Arizona stage, 2006

Il Divo set:

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Unbreak My Heart
  3. My Way (dedicated to Barbra)

Funny Girl Suite:

Act Two


Press Reviews & Photos

Arizona Republic Review

Streisand simply sensational

Randy Cordova
Nov. 17, 2006 12:02 AM

Making her first appearance in the Valley in 30 years, Barbra Streisand lived up to her legendary status. Quite simply, the woman was sensational.

Playing before a sold-out crowd at US Airways Center, the packed house was on her side from the moment she walked on stage. Dressed in a black skirt that showed off some shapely legs, she sang "Starting Here, Starting Now" and the power and purity of her voice was astonishing.

At times, her tone was rimmed with a slight huskiness. Other than that, her voice was as full and rounded as on her classic records. But in addition to being a singer, Streisand is an old-fashioned, bigger-than-life movie star. Without even singing a note, she could probably fill the arena on her presence and charisma alone.

The set list skimmed over many of her pop hits (no "Woman in Love" or "You Don’t Bring Me Flowers") and focused on standards and show tunes. It gave the music a sense of timelessness that was further enhanced by the lush orchestra that sympathetically backed her.

The evening was full of showstoppers. There were at least 10 standing ovations, including those for a roof-raising "My Man" and a sweetly plaintive "People." Even when she strayed from the standards, her taste was impeccable. Stephen Sondheim’s "Children Will Listen" was hushed and reflective, while "Down With Love" showed off the bluesy colors in her voice.

The last time Streisand played in the Valley it was for the filming of her 1976 film "A Star is Born." She asked the crowd how many attended that Sun Devil Stadium show, and she seemed touched by the overwhelming response.

From that film’s score, she surprised with a feisty "The Woman in the Moon," which she dedicated to female members of the senate. Even more political was her controversial skit with George W. Bush impersonator Steve Bridges. It went off without a hitch, although some scattered catcalls could be heard. The bit’s closing line, in which the president announces that “Dick Cheney has gone duck hunting with Governor Neo-politano,” got an appreciative laugh.

Less pleasing were the multiple appearance by oily “popera” group Il Divo, who sing capably, but very anonymously. Imagine four better-looking Josh Grobans for an idea of what they do. The audience liked them, although it’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t have preferred that Streisand do her classic "Evergreen" solo.

She was very at ease, joking with the crowd and appearing relaxed. She answered questions from cards audience members filled out before the show. That led to her charmingly discussing such things as the giant teleprompter than hung from the Arena ceiling (her cure for stage fright) and if she would ever sing ‘70s anthems "The Main Event" and "No More Tears" again. “I feel like I can’t sing disco without a perm, so the answer is no,” she cracked.

The response, which was rapturous throughout, reached ear-piercing levels when "A Star is Born" co-star Kris Kristofferson made an appearance on stage. Kristofferson, who coincidentally was playing across town at the Celebrity Theatre, hugged Streisand and waved.

The crowd roar was deafening, and the audience felt like it was watching history happen on stage. It was the perfect lift to a show that was already in the stratosphere. Hope we don’t have to wait another three decades for her next appearance.

Fan Reviews

Mark Pregont's Review

Barbra Streisand is a living legend and she proved that last night when she rose from the floor in the stage at the US Airways Center in Phoenix AZ to thunderous applause from adoring fans. Myself I could barely breathe. I was lucky enough to see her in Las Vegas in 1994 and it was so surreal that the memories are imbedded in my being.

I had some of the same feeling last night , but some very new ones as well. Barbra seems a little different to me, much more laid back. The twinkle in her eye was a little different to me. All of that said, Barbra still delivers with the voice!! She was superb!! I was on my feet most of the night and I think she received 10 standing ovations.

A resident of Phoenix for 23 years it was nice to hear her mention places she had been while her and the skit with faux Pres. Bush made funny references to our state and out wonderful Governor! She also said it was nice to see Arizona fighting bigotry in the recent election by shooting down the proposition to change the state constitution to ban Gay marriage. The crowd went wild when she made that comment.

The fact that she was here in Sun Devil stadium so many years ago with Kris Kristofferson, and then last night Kris appearing was fantastic!! I little more of Hollywood in our back yard!!

To sum things up, Barbra is still the best and has always been in my book. One of her biggest fans for many years was once again very blessed to have the opportunity to spend an evening , enjoying the Greatest Star we have ever seen!!

Chris's Review


This was the fourth time I've been privileged to see Barbra Streisand in concert. I flew to Detroit in 1994, New York in 2000 and Chicago last Tuesday. Maybe it was the seats, but last night in Phoenix was by far the best.

Her voice was lovely - huskier than in the past - but rich and warm and she appeared more relaxed than in the past, enjoying the occasion, and receiving the outpouring of affection and admiration from the crowd of mostly loyal devotees.

In between the first and second song, or was it second and third, who can be sure, I yelled "I love you Barbra" and she replied, Why, thank you sir!"

I met Rosie ODonnell at the Chicago concert, and that was a treat, but after all these years of hearing her voice, it was overwhelming to have her acknowledge mine - exciting for a teenager worshipping his idol - just as exciting for a gay 45 year old father/grandfather.

With trepidation, I was looking forward to the "political" segment - Phoenix being a red city in a red stat - but it went over surprisingly well. Having been reworked since the election results of last week, it was truly funny and the crowd laughed, screamed and clapped with approval.

When she mentioned her appreciation that AZ had defeated the inclusion of bigotry in the state constitution (by defeating a ban on gay marriage) the crowd was right there cheering with her.

She noted in the beginning that she hadn't sung in Phoenix since 1975 (when she was filming A Star is Born) and that by coincidence Kris Kristopherson was also playing in town at the same time. She told the crowd she invited him to stop by if his show got out earlier than hers and after the first encore she came back hand in hand with him and the crowd was rapturous.

For me personally this was the pinnacle. She didn’t have to sing, she just had to be.

I fell in love with Barbra 29 years ago, December 26th, when I first saw in A Star is Born. As a child I had seen her other films, but as a sometimes lost and often lonely 15 year old boy, she touched me so deeply and personally that she has never released her grip on my heart. So to see her walk on stage with Kris K., after all these years, I was euphoric.

The Phoenix crowd was much livelier than the Chicago crowd the week before. Other than a sourpuss couple in front of us who didn’t clap one time during the entire show – and wanted to start fights with those that did, I was moved to see so many people around me, woman and men, with child-like smiles and moist eyes - enjoying their dream of seeing their idol, this icon, who has meant so much, in such a personal way, to so many people. I almost enjoyed watching her through their eyes as much as seeing her standing 30 feet in front of me.

Wow.... what a night – Thank you Barbra!

Ron's Review

A group of friends and I attended the concert in Phoenix last night. We were pretty much scattered throughout the arena, and each had nothing but rave reviews afterward. My partner and I sat in the 7th row on the floor. Before the concert, I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to us by asking "casual or huge fan?" She replied something like "Huge, but actually I sold her her little dog." So we got to have a conversation with breeder that united Samantha and Barbra.

The breeder talked about Jim seeking her out, and making all the arrangements. Her conversations with Barbra were over the phone - apparently she was still recording The Movie Album at the time, and suddenly during her conversations would say "I have to go work now, I'll call you back!" She said she visited Barbra and Jim at their suite at the Royal Palms last night...and Barbra was warm, funny, and quirky. She said she took Samantha a present, a plush rose (pink/red) doggy squeeze toy that says "I love you" when squeezed - she said Barbra fell in love with it.

The concert was fantastic. Her voice was beautiful, though she was a bit horse in places. But boy, oh boy, she did not play it safe. Just when I'd think that she wouldn't try for a certain note, she'd pull it out. The crowd absolutely loved her. She commented that Kris Kristofferson was playing across town, and made several A Star Is Born references, including “Woman In The Moon” - fantastic!! During an encore at the end, Kris Kristofferson walked back out on stage with her! The crowd went absolutely mad.

It's all kind of a dream - seeing Barbra again in concert, getting to meet the breeder, sitting so close and having a group of friends to share in conversations with afterward. My partner and I bought tickets to LA before Phoenix was announced, so we are headed over there tomorrow to see her at her final concert on Monday. Can't wait!


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