Streisand: 2006 North American Concert Tour

New York, New York

October 9th

October 11th

Madison Square Garden

Photo by Michelle Agins

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Set List (Oct. 9 & 11)

Streisand sings

Act One

Il Divo set:

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Unbreak My Heart
  3. My Way (dedicated to Barbra and “new fan” Rosie O'Donnell)

Funny Girl Suite:

Act Two


Notes: Barbra wore a glittery top and skirt for Act One, then changed into a pantsuit for the Funny Girl medley in New York.

Rosie and Barbra

ABOVE: Rosie O'Donnell poses backstage with Barbra and Sammie (Oct. 11th show).

Press Reviews & Photos

New York Times Review

In a Duet Between a Star and Her Aura, Streisand Takes the Stage


Streisand poses with guitar back stageBarbra Streisand took a carefully plotted step down from the imperial pedestal she has occupied for decades at Madison Square Garden last night and stumbled. The biggest miscalculation was the appearance, late in the show, of a George W. Bush impersonator (Steve Bridges) who Ms. Streisand, an ardent Democrat, interrogated in a tone that tried to be witty, and failed.

How would the president erase the national debt? Sell Canada; they don’t use half of it, he replied. “If I cared about polls,” he remarked, “I would have run for President of Poland.” And so on.

The tepid segment mercifully ended after the two joined voices for an unfunny spoof of the famous Judy Garland-Streisand duet of “Get Happy,” and “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

When Ms. Streisand stopped talking and started singing, she was her old self.

Accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra, she performed more than two dozen songs that encompassed most of her career. Missing were her hits with the Bee Gees, with whom she reunited on her last studio album, “Guilty Pleasures” (Columbia), and songs from her film “Yentl.”

Most heavily represented was “Funny Girl,” (both the show and the movie) in a thrilling end of Act 1 suite that peaked with three ballads: “The Music That Makes Me Dance,” “My Man,” and “People,” all beautifully sung.

One of the pleasures of a Streisand concert is hearing this diva of divas live, her voice unembellished by “improvements” carried out in the recording studio.

In her drive for technical perfection, Ms. Streisand has a longstanding tendency to apply too many coats of aural varnish to her records.

She should realize that sounding like an imperfect human being is more expressive than trying to sound like God, and her singing last night was frequently magnificent. Her voice is fuller than it used to be and still drips with the juice most singers begin to lose at 50. (Ms. Streisand is 64).

Another misstep was the choice of Il Divo, the operatic boy band, as her musical guests. While this multilingual, multinational quartet of singing mannequins, assembled by the diabolically market-savvy impresario Simon Cowell, belts in tune, they have the emotional spontaneity of robots in tuxedos.

An early low point of the show was their arrival on stage to bombard Ms. Streisand with smarmy flattery. Let’s hope she never records with these pretenders to the kitsch pop throne of Andrea Bocelli.

Befitting an event that suggested a one-woman Super Bowl in which the star competed with her legend, the concert was packed with distracting bells and whistles. A useless question-and-answer session in which she responded to randomly selected audience questions wasted precious time. During the Bush impersonation, a solitary heckler so annoyed Ms. Streisand that she lost her temper and hurled an obscenity.

A Barbra Streisand concert should be about singing. That’s what people really want. The rest they tolerate out of respect for her gigantic talent. And when she stuck to music, there were many magnificent moments. “Starting Here, Starting Now,” the “Funny Girl” suite, “When the Sun Comes Out,” “Children Will Listen,” “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life,” and “My Shining Hour” were the musical high points of a concert that was further dampened by the lack of a pre-performance sound check because Ms. Streisand was stuck in traffic. As a result, the acoustics of the first half of the concert were muddy.

True to her show business instincts, she saved the best for last. In her final sprint, she might have a scored a winning touchdown had she not interrupted it with the Bush impersonator. And near the end sabotaged her own glorious performance of “Somewhere” by bringing Il Divo as a robotic harmony chorus.

A poignant moment for those who have followed Ms. Streisand’s career from the beginning was her rendition of (“Have I Stayed) Too Long at the Fair?” a Billy Barnes ballad that she recorded in 1964. Way back then, it was the reflection of an insecure ingénue feeling her first intimations of ennui after too much partying.

Sung four decades later, with just as much passion but an entirely different outlook, Ms. Streisand made it a rhetorical question about her own future. Has she stayed too long at the fair? Despite all the evening’s missteps, the answer is a resounding no.

Streisand at MSG

New York Daily News Review

Barbra reborn at concert Streisand returns to city roots in Garden song, political fest

BY GLENN GAMBOA Newsday Staff Writer

October 10, 2006

Barbra Streisand isn't one for surprises.

Flowers from Whoopie Goldberg

From the rose-filled vases on the stage perimeter to the half-dozen TelePrompTers scattered throughout Madison Square Garden to ease her worry about forgetting lyrics, Streisand has it all planned out. Only a handful of artists could make such intense scripting work, but she is definitely one of them.

Unlike earlier shows on the tour, Streisand was in fine voice from the moment she began "Starting Here, Starting Now," as she appeared in the middle of her 55-piece orchestra. And her skill at phrasing showed in the intricate twists of "Come Rain or Shine" and the subtle reworking of "The Way We Were."

For her first New York concert in six years -- since, you know, the one that was supposed to be her final live concert performance ever -- Streisand was determined to give the crowd what it wanted. "I still think of myself as a New Yorker," said Streisand, who plays the Garden tomorrow as well. "Go Mets!"

That New York attitude emerged later in the show, too. After a skit that poked fun at President George W. Bush, and a man yelled taunts at her, she said, "Shut the -- -- up if you can't take a joke," and then offered to return his money.

Politics aside, Streisand's show was, on the whole, well-paced and elegantly executed. She drew heavily from 1967's "Funny Girl," including an energetic "Don't Rain on My Parade" and the show-stopping ballad "My Man."

Her return was sparked by a desire to raise money for The Streisand Foundation, which will make contributions to health and education issues, as well as fight global warming, taking a bit of the sting out of tickets priced between $100 and $750. Streisand's return also gives her a platform for her political views, which, to no one's surprise, run counter to the Bush administration.

Her political skit, where a Bush look-alike spouts ridiculous ideas like selling off Canada to balance the budget, is harmless enough. The problem comes when "Bush" sings "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy" with her, ruining one of her best songs.

The other main problem is bringing Il Divo, the multi-culti pop-opera hunks, into her show. Not only were they unnecessary, but the quartet brought the momentum to a halt when their mini-set was injected into the middle of Streisand's set. They also stomped on the lovely "Evergreen" with their over-singing, a feat they duplicated on another of her showcase songs "Somewhere."

It's a tribute to Streisand's mastery as a performer that she could build the energy level back after each of these setbacks, using a mix of familiar and unexpected songs. In a lesser singer's hands, a song like "Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?" could come off schmaltzy, but Streisand made it gripping and emotional.

After six years, she hasn't lost anything off her game. Maybe her surprise will be how comfortable she looks onstage and how much she enjoyed performing again.

BELOW: Backstage; Barbra Streisand's Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Barbra Streisand's Stuart Weitzman shoes

Variety Review

Barbra Streisand (Madison Square Garden; 16,927 seats; $750 top) Presented by Michael Cohl for Concert Prods. Intl. and the Next Adventure. Reviewed Oct. 9, 2006; also Oct. 11. Band: Barbra Streisand, Randy Waldman, Brian Koonin, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Kondor, John Robinson, Norman Freeman, William Hayes, plus 55-member orchestra. Music director, William Ross; concertmaster, Ralph Morrison. Also appearing: Il Divo, Steve Bridges.


There was no shortage of thrilling moments in the first of Barbra Streisand's two New York concerts in her, let's call it, return-farewell tour: She revved up into "Don't Rain on My Parade," wrapped her still-supple chords around "My Man," pumped warm sensuality into Harold Arlen's "Come Rain or Come Shine" and explored the somber side of love with "In a Very Unusual Way" from "Nine." But perhaps the most thrilling moment was hearing her swear at a heckler. There was an almost voyeuristic pleasure in witnessing this peerless entertainer in a rare unguarded moment, when she momentarily mislaid her composure and strayed from the script.

The angry audience member was a disgruntled Republican, responding to some ill-considered shtick involving George W. Bush impersonator Steve Bridges. No matter what side of the political fence you're on, the material was lame.

Streisand later apologized for losing her temper, returning to the Teleprompter to segue into a mollifying prayer for tolerance, compassion and peace. Coming late in the show after a strong first act, the political section briefly unbalanced a second act that nonetheless contained plenty of highs.

If the "Funny Girl" overture that kicked off the concert wasn't indication enough, the more mature, glammed-up version of a classic Streisand sailor dress communicated that the singer was in a nostalgic mood. This was a rich retrospective lineup of carefully chosen material, heavy on Broadway and ballads, that showcased the performer in a mellow mood, backed by music director William Ross' superb 55-piece orchestra.

Her voice was creamy and confident on "Starting Here, Starting Now," jazzy on "Down With Love" and still capable of warmly emotional storytelling on "The Way We Were," sung to composers Marilyn and Alan Bergman and Marvin Hamlisch sitting down front. There was the occasional hint of strain, but Streisand's voice has lost remarkably little of its integrity or interpretive power.

The first-act highlight was a lustrous retake on most of the more memorable songs from the stage and film versions of "Funny Girl." In addition to "Parade" and "My Man," she did the title song written for the movie, "The Music That Makes Me Dance" and a big, assured "People," one of several numbers that brought the capacity Garden crowd to its feet.

The luminous moments carried over into the show's second half, almost all of them from vintage songbooks: "When the Sun Comes Out," "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" and an especially reflective "Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?" The latter showed Streisand's immense talent for breathing stillness and intimacy into a song.

After some disposable rhetoric about the challenges of parenting, she sang a fine pairing of "Carefully Taught" from "South Pacific" and Stephen Sondheim's "Children Will Listen" from "Into the Woods." And her embrace, following the customary political digs, of a glass-half-full outlook was aired in a wistful "A Cockeyed Optimist."

Scripted down to all but a few ad libs, the belabored spoken interludes don't dampen the spell of Streisand's singing, but they feel pat and counterfeit next to the real, expressive personality in her vocals. That's why the lapse in self-control and the unleashed expletive were almost welcome.

The low point of the show is featured act Il Divo. Emerging like preening show ponies on an elevator revolve to join Streisand on "Evergreen," the multinational faux-classical quartet then trowel on the formaggio with some cringeworthy mutual flattery -- all of it scrolling by on the teleprompter -- before the boss leaves them alone for an interminable three-song set. The four tenors later return to butcher Streisand's beautiful "Somewhere" with bombastic overkill.

The 11-city Streisand tour, a part of the proceeds from which goes through the singer's foundation to various political, environmental, humanitarian and educational causes, continues through Nov. 20, wrapping at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Streisand in New York

Liz Smith, New York Post Review

October 11, 2006

"AND NOW for my next trick!"

So joked Barbra Streisand during the first minutes of her latest concert tour. No tricks. Only talent.

TONIGHT, if you are lucky enough to jam into Madison Square Garden to see Barbra Streisand, be prepared. You will find a great artist, whose capacity for vocal subtlety, sensuality, power and passion is as thrilling as ever. She was, is, and will forever be the real deal.

You will also find a woman whose good sense occasionally abandons her, almost sinking what is otherwise an amazing concert appearance.

The first act was a hands-down triumph. Beginning with "Starting Here, Starting Now," her tones were smooth and honeyed, if only slightly constricted, perhaps by back-in-New York nerves. She was loose, she was funny, her beaded gown unforgiving on a voluptuous knish-enhanced figure, her hair a bit askew. But for once, Barbra looked like she was actually enjoying her fans, her fame, the experience of being onstage. She was impromptu often, rather than teleprompted. (Though the famous prompters were obvious, and she joked about them.) She was, in short, adorable.

With her voice opening up with each number, she offered stunning versions of "The Way We Were" and "Evergreen." She mined deeply from her stage and movie triumph "Funny Girl." (In fact, the show begins with the entire Broadway overture from that classic musical.) She sang, for the first time, the title song, written especially for the film version of the Fanny Brice biopic. This elicited delighted gasps from her fans. And if it is possible after 40-plus years singing "My Man" and "People," to offer newly definitive versions of these chestnuts, Barbra miraculously manages it. The concert might have ended there and sent her fans home overjoyed and fulfilled.

ACT 2 presented Barbra in a sleeker hairdo, a more flattering (and bosom- baring) gown and a voice now fully released. "The Music of the Night," "When the Sun Comes Out," "In a Very Unusual Way," "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" and "You've Got to Be Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen" are like buttah fresh from the farm.

And then, and then . . . she begins telling how she loves the truth and hates all the awful stories printed about her. Uh-oh. She takes notes from the audience. One is signed "George from Texas." Sigh! Yup, a President George W. Bush impersonator appears onstage to the strains of "Hail to the Chief." (Which, by the way, no matter what you think of any president, should only be played for the president.) What follows is a squirmy cringe-inducing "parody" between Streisand and "Bush." It goes on. And on. Worse still, she uses one of the great moments of her young career, the famous "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again" duet with Judy Garland as part of the joke. "Bush" takes Judy's part. Gasp-inducingly tasteless and boring. She was heckled, and then gave back as good as she got. She apologized for losing her temper, and spoke of unity. But it is the very nature of her pointless parody that divides. Ah, but remember I said she is a great artist? She then did what only a great artist can do. She pulled it out of the fire (or the icebox, as it were, the audience slightly chilled by her "satire"). Barbra made those fans scream, stomp and brava all over again for "(Have I Stayed) Too Long at the Fair?," "Somewhere" (which produced near hysteria), "My Shining Hour" and "Smile." The lady redeemed could have remained onstage for another hour, at least.

Is Barbra worth the cost of her concert? Yes. Real talent and iconic stardom still exist. Go find her on the rest of her tour - go before she goes offstage for good. But does she understand that the power of her voice, singing "Somewhere" prefaced by a few simple words, does more to get her message across than anything she says? Not. At. All. Still, and to her credit, Streisand remains true to herself. That's more than you can say for most politicians, Republican or Democrat, who talk from both sides of their mouths.

Oh, yes, Miss Streisand receives unnecessary assistance from the four bombastic tenors Il Divo. They belt out songs like "My Way" (in Italian) and give La Diva a breather. They also afford the opportunity for a flirty Streisand to surround herself with handsome men. They're fine. But when you've got what Barbra's got, all you need is a microphone. (It's a stylish, fairly simple presentation even with the Divos; no video screen homage's to herself and her past glories, no distracting props.)

The funniest part of the whole night was passing through the lobby, experiencing commercialism full riot. Items for sale included getting your picture taken in front of a "Streisand" sign - $20 for the first pic, $10 for the second and each additional was $5. There were baby outfits, doggie outfits, $40 programs, $300 suede and leather jackets. And T-shirts, which portrayed Barbra in her many roles - singer, director, woman with cleavage. She insists most of this money goes to her various charities. I'll take the lady at her word. I sure don't want her to tell me I can't take a joke!

Fan Reviews & Photos

Lindsay's Review

So I have been meaning to write this for almost a month now. It has been that long since one of my biggest dreams came true. I just made the move up to New York this past January. I had absolutely no idea that only a few months into my new life I would get the news that Barbra was going on tour. I must admit that moving here to New York I always hoped that this opportunity would arise, but never imagined that it would be this soon. I became a fan of Barbra at a young age, but it wasn't until college that I began to really listen to all of her music spanning her entire career and watching all of her movies in awe.

The two nights at Madison Square Garden were so surreal it has taken me this long to come down from the cloud. There were so many times on my drive from Austin to El Paso where I would just listen to everything Barbra, especially her live records that helped keep me awake with the little chatting bits between songs. I always though that I was just born a little too late and would never get the chance to see this woman sing live. Well, the time finally came.....

I must say that from the moment she stepped out onto that stage I was mesmerized. I could not believe that I, along with thousands of others, was actually seeing and hearing Barbra in PERSON!!!! I loved her song list, and really could not have asked for anything more. I had chills up and down my spine the entire time. The Funny Girl section was it for me. When I heard My Man begin, my eyes just filled with tears. (Needless to say, I don't think they ever stopped after that).

I must say though, that the show stopper for me both nights was hearing her sing When The Sun Comes Out. I am really shocked that I haven't heard comments on this particular performance from more people. I really feel that she let it all go when she sang the song. It was perfection. Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair? was another one. Oh man, I could go on and on. I listen to all of her cds all the time, but I have always been partial to the earlier years.

None of my friends will ever understand what these two nights have meant to me. They think I was "Nuts" to go two the two New York shows. But I couldn't let her sing and me not be there. This was truly the opportunity of a lifetime for me and I will never forget those glorious hours. Thanks for letting me share my experience!

Fan photos of Streisand in New York

Duncan Hartman writes about 10/11 show ...

1. Right off the bat she addressed the heckling and the resulting publicity by saying that New York audiences were always the greatest, and certainly “the most vocal.” Then she added, “You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl.” The crowd went wild

2. They got the sound right and I couldn’t believe the difference. The orchestra was balanced and not nearly as live as Monday night. Barbra’s mike was much hotter and more present, but the real miracle was Il Divo. On Monday you couldn’t even tell they were singing harmony, but tonight they were equalized and balanced properly and you could actually hear what was going on. Evergreen is actually a very beautiful arrangement. Music of the Night was a definite improvement. But the shocker was Somewhere. Stunning! Il Divo’s harmonies and Barbra’s much more present solo vocals made for the high-point of the concert.

3. They worked a lot on the skit. Not only did they change the ending – George now get’s a call from Laura and has to go BEFORE the ill-advised Happy Days duet – but both Barbra and Steve Bridges obviously spent some time punching up the jokes and working on the tone and tempo of the line readings. The whole thing much broader tonight – more like a Saturday Night Live sketch – and it made a huge difference. Much funnier and much better received by the audience. She also added a moment after Steve left where she thanked him and showed pictures of him with the President. She gave the President credit for having a good sense of humor and then she sang Happy Days by herself. A HUGE improvement that gave the second act the emotional shape it was lacking on Monday. It occurs to me that this is only the fourth concert of the tour and that she is still tinkering with it. She obviously took the more consistent criticisms to heart and made the changes that were artistically necessary without sacrificing the political thrust of the evening. A real triumph all round. OH! And she sang “Stoney End…” sort of. One of the requests that she collected from the audience asked her to sing at least a little of it. She confessed that the orchestra had the charts and they had even rehearsed it, but she felt a little “mature” to sing it and on top of that, she had never really understood the words. She pointed out some of them, like “I was raised on the good book Jesus ….. OY!” Funny Girl. But then she proceeded to sing the whole first verse and chorus with a set of alternate words. Cute, but I would still rather have heard the real thing. It’s always been one of my favorite Barbra hits.

Fan photograph

Carol Sym's Review 10/11 Show

A glorious evening at Madison Square Garden,................... October 9, 2006!!!!!!!!! Barbra was in spectacular voice, a velvety, sultry, dynamo of vocal talent. It was almost too emotional for me to be in her presence and hear the voice that I grew up with..the voice that moved me over and over.........the voice that comforted me and tenderly touched my soul so many times in the privacy of my own room. It was a grand Barbra.........a mixture of Funny Girl and diva........a more comfortable and human Barbra......a Barbra whose voice is still "like butter"'.............but most definitely " butter of the purest ingredients, the high price spread"!! It was an evening I will treasure all the days of my life!!

Joseph's Review 10/11 Show

Like a fine wine, this woman actually gets BETTER with age.

Last night, at Madison Square Garden, a full house braved the rain, etc. and Barbra made it all worth our whiles!

Her voice was best described by the woman sitting next to me, "She opens her mouth and flowers come out." She was calm, relaxed, in shape and in control.

Gone was the political chatter. She joked (about her cursing: You can take the girl out of Brooklyn but you can't take Brooklyn out of the girl) and she sang - some songs (Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair) that she hasn't performed in almost 40 years. The woman has actually grown into her material so now she brings a deeper, richer meaning to the lyrics. After hearing PEOPLE for almost 40 years (I first heard it on AM radio, then 45's, 33 1/3 RPM, etc.) she still sings it so fresh and lovely that you can do nothing but say, "I love you Barbra"

Fan shot of Bush and Streisand

Jack Schiereck's Review 10/11 Show

Last night's show in New York was even more awesome than Monday's show. Vocally she was right on and the crowd was wild. During "Come Rain Or Come Shine" Barbra actually looked right at me while singing "You're Gonna Love Me, Like Nobody's Loved Me, Come Rain Or Come Shine" which sent chills right down my spine and I started to cry! Other flawless moments were, "When The Sun Comes Out" - "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" & "Have I stayed To Long At The Fair" These three songs were just pure Barbra perfection.

Once again it was a star studded crowd. Celebrity's I spotted:

Rosie (Front Row of course), Jason, Katie Couric, Stephen Sondheim, Fran Drescher, Bill & Hilary Clinton.

Lorraine's Review 10/11 Show

I now can say that a true dream of mine has come true! I had the once in a life time opportunity to see Barbra Streisand in concert last night, and it's an experience I will never forget. My mother (who happened to share the same birthday with Barbra-April 24th but she would be 3 yrs older than her,)passed away suddenly and too soon last year) and Barbra Streisand was her favorite singer,and that is how I learned an appreciation for Barbra's music from my childhood. So I had to go to this concert for me as well as my mother...I love her presence,her voice and her personality! However I did find the crowd to be quite dull and boring and lacking energy...We had excellent(and expensive seats),but the group in front of us were very dull, boring and rude. Infact they continuously turned around to tell my group to be quiet....and we weren 't half as wild as we could have been. My feelings and sentiments are that life is too short and when presented with an opportunity and dream come true to enjoy my favorite singer, actress and celebrity I am going to enjoy and relish this time!!! I did exactly that but I wish some people learn and do the same(they are missing out)and they should stay home next time and listen to her CD. But all in all it was a great night and Barbra you are the well and stay the way you are!!!Love a fan from Brooklyn,and another Taurus.

Streisand Oct 11th Show

Mark Wood Review 10/11 Show

I felt extremely fortunate to be able to attend both shows at Madison Square Garden. As much as I enjoyed the early parts of the Monday night show, "the incident" made it hard for me to concentrate on the last part of the program that night.

I especially was interested in hearing the never-before-sung selections--"My Shining Hour" and "Cockeyed Optimist." Thankfully, both were delivered beautifully and enthusiastically on Wednesday. These--along with "Unusual Way"--are fine additions to the Streisand canon. (The friend who accompanied me on Wednesday mentioned that "Shining Hour" was originally heard in a film, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT. I'm wondering whether BJS originally considered it for THE MOVIE ALBUM.)

I agree with others that Barbra--at both shows--sounded somewhat "husky" in Act I, and clearer and more powerful in Act II. I think she was really "on" in Act II on Wednesday, because of the presence of the Clintons. This was especially true on "When the Sun Comes Out" and the "DROMP" reprise.

For "Smile," BJS linked the theme of the song to the Wednesday airplane accident tragedy in NYC, so she didn't bring out Sammie or talk about people who've lost their pets.

A bonus for my friend and me: As we walked through the rain by a side door of MSG, we passed within a few feet of Lauren Bacall, who was waiting with a group of others beneath an awning.

Raul's Review 10/11 Show

There also: Rob Marshall Ann Hampton Calloway Bebe Newirth Hugh Jackman Sara Jessica Parker What can one say about the greatest singer of our time? You know there is a higher power when one can witness the miracle that is Ms. Streisand. I am the luckiest man alive because I was there.

Ad for ticket sales

Ron's Review 10/11 Show

I went to the show again last night(sorry Shona, the number I had for you didn't work). As Barbra started the questions from the audience part I started to get nervous. It leads into the Bush part and I just think the whole thing didn't work Monday so I was hoping for a change. Well one of the questions was about Stoney End. She said that when her and her team were making song choices they went into chat rooms to find out what people wanted to hear. Stoney End showed up a lot. She said they rehearsed a "version" of the song but decided not to do it. Then she basicly went into trashing the song saying she doesn't understand the lyric. It was funny. Then she did about a minute of what they rehearsed. It was a spoof version. Again it was funny but I really love Stoney End. I think her fans probably have more of a relationship with the song than she does.

The Bush thing worked much better. Bill and Hillary were in the audience so that was interesting.

She was just as amazing as she was Monday. The talking parts were a little low energy. I think she might have been affected by the incident on Monday. The only thing she said about it was, "I guess you can take the girl out of Brooklyn but you can't take Brooklyn out of the girl." Nuff said. Go Brooklyn!

Best, Ron

Alfredo's Review 10/9 Show

Here's my review about the NYC Oct 09 concert:

-Round trip subway fare to MSG $4.00 -Dinner for 2 at TGI Friday $60.00 -MSG Concert program $40.00 -Concert T-shirt $40.00 -Watching BARBRA STREISAND performing live in Concert with my boyfriend, PRICELESS!

Alfredo Hurtado, Donald Nightshade

Larry's Review 10/9 Show

...Oprah, Bette Midler and Tony Bennett ... the highlight of this evenings show was when she yelled "shut the fuck up if you can't take a joke ... give this man his money back" to a heckler....

(Photo, below: Great shot of Streisand singing “Somewhere” and Oprah Winfrey on the edge of her seat!)

Oprah listens to Streisand sing Somewhere

richlo 10/9 Show

Seen at the Streisand Oct. 9th NYC concert: Rosie O’Donnell w/ Kelli Tony Bennett Gene Simmons of KISS Marvin Hamlich John Corzine Oprah w/ Gale Carole King Audra McDonald w/ Diana Krall Malcolm Gets Michael Kors Former NY Mayor David Dinkins Mike Wallace Bette Midler Barry Diller Robert DeNiro Charlie Rangel Rob Reiner Jason Gould Georgette Mosbacher, CEO or Borghese Cosmetics

John Meyers 10/9 Show

WHAT AN AMAZING MOMENT!!! MY FAVORITE THUS FAR IN ALLLLL OF THE BARBRA CONCERTS I'VE SEEN; Right after the George Bush sketch... Barbra - trying to refocus through a surprising smathering of "Sing Barbra" - attempts to stop her political expressions... a guy from stage right kept yelling something out (couldn't quite hear what)... and even DURING the sketch barbra stopped and turned and said 'be polite now'... well she had it and the Brooklyn came out"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" she yelled out at this guy!!!! sooooo beautifully and eloquently spoken with a bit of Brooklynese... well i and most others hooted and was SPECIAL!!!! couldn't wait to share! i felt badly for her because afterwards she 'apologized...said she wish she hadn't lost her temper'....i SOOOO wanted to scream out Thank you for just Being in the Moment... and HUMAN... and for speaking up for us all!!!!

Nancy's Review 10/9 Show

Sometimes you just get up in the morning and think it's going to be a run-of-the-mill Monday and you wind up sitting in Madison Square Garden listening to a legend.


Oh my God. What Barbra Streisand can do with a song. Evergreen, The Way We Were, Somewhere and my favorite show-stopper -- Don't Rain On My Parade. I feel blessed to have witnessed three hours of pure entertainment, including the powerful Il Divo.

Somehow I think I'll be waking up to a New York Post headline about one particular moment in the show. There was a political skit that included a George Bush impersonator. When a heckler got out of hand and the word "traitor" was shouted, Babs shocked the Garden crowd when she said, "Shut the f#$% up." What a moment. She invited people to express their opinions by voting and noted how great it was to live in a country where we're free to poke fun at the government.

It was a star-studded, poignant, humorous, rousing evening. The legend lives on.

Robert Alan Espino's Review 10/9 Show

Espino photographs

There are moments you remember all your life/ There are moments you wait for and dream of all your life/ This is one of those moments.

The evening of Barbra's homecoming Streisand tour started at 5pm with a large group of Barbra devotees meeting for dinner at a local TGIFriday's. The butterflies were in all our stomachs as we walked to the arena. Entry to the Garden was easy, even with metal detectors. The souvenir stands were packed & many items sold out quickly.

Then we walked into the arena......WOW. The set was simplistic and beautiful at the same time and there was not a bad sightline in the place. Those behind the stage had a great view, next to those in the front rows. Our seats were perfect, just off the floor. We spent the minutes until show time reading the program and using binoculars to spot the celebrities as they came in.

The lights went down suddenly and the orchestra started up, you could hear thousands of hearts beating with each note. Those of us who knew the Funny Girl overture by heart were waiting for the final notes to play, waiting for Barbra to appear from the S at the top of the center walkway.

Then she rose from within the stage on a platform and the sold-out audience went crazy. Giving Barbra the first of many standing ovations!

Barbra was thrilled to be home. Her voice was husky and strong, it took a few songs to fully open. But this Funny Girl still was in control of her gift. Her outfits were great, two that were seen in Philadelphia and she added a beautiful pants suit after the IL Divo break during Act 1.

Although I do like IL Divo, they were not a necessary part of the show. Their operatic voices overpowered Barbra and that could have been controlled through the sound board. The age difference banter with Barbra was cute. Barbra lovers in the arena were very polite to them. There were many Divo-tees in attendance as well. This exposure is the largest this handsome quartet has had in their few short years together and gave Barbra breaks during the show.

But there was no mistaking who the people were there to see. Barbra added/changed lyrics to express where her life is at today. Most notably at the end of "Have I stayed too long at the fair." This show was not The Concert or Timeless. This show was simply called Streisand because this concert was about Barbra's journey and what she has learned. Not an 'and then I did' show. Not a spectacular, but for all its dressed down appearance it was just as spectacular, if not more.

The one bad chink in the armor of the NY show was an obnoxious heckler. During the humorous (and too long) Dubya sketch, both Barbra and Stephen Bridges told him to to be polite. He continued to heckle Barbra about the sketch after it was over; while she was introducing a new song. Barbra finally had enough and told him: "Why don't you just shut the f__k up! Can't you take a joke?" The audience felt for her and agreed with her. It was reported that he did leave the show. Good riddance!

She later apologized for losing her temper. "That is the great part of living in America, the right to speak your mind." I agree with her, but not during a concert! He abused the audiences right to enjoy the show and worse he abused Barbra. Other shoutouts during the show were all Barbra related and she worked them easily into her show.

The song choices were all perfect, Streisand standards from previous tours included Evergreen, The Way We Were, Somewhere and People. Of the 24 Streisand songs, 17 were performed for the first time on tour, each was a new treasure in the audiences crown.

This show took us back to when the majority of the audience first met Barbra and she was saying thanks for being with and for her through the years. With many more years of Barbra magic to come. Who knows, she may have another tour in store for us down the line. I think I'll start saving my pennies now.

Streisand expressively singing at MSG on October 9th.

Steven Lund's Review 10/9 Show

Hey Matt,

Just wanted to give you my review of her concert in NYC on Monday, Oct 9th. In a word it was FABULOUS! I could've done without the Bush skit and the banter between Il Divo and Streisand totally cheesy and totally felt like the whole thing was scripted. The Bush skit went on for far too long. I am by no means a fan of this current administration and am all for poking fun at him. I just think it should've been shorter. She still sang Happy Days beautifully, despite the impersonator singing for Judy Garland. We have all heard about the heckler and Streisand losing her cool. I was on the opposite side of the arena, so I didn't hear a word. My cousin and I were shocked when she blurted out what she said. It just showed to me how human she is, and bravo to her for speaking her mind. Highlights for me were Starting Here, Starting Now, Come Rain or Come Shine, Ma Premiere Chanson, Funny Girl suite, Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen, Unusual Way (I hope she records or releases this song from the Broadway album), What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?, Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?, My Shining Hour, Don't Rain encore and Smile. I cried when she came out for her second encore. I was thinking this will probably be my final chance to see her perform live and my emotions overtook me. Sadly, she did not sing Woman In the Moon and I felt that Il Divo overpowered Streisand on Evergreen. However, I'm part of the minority, I rather enjoyed Il Divo's set and opening of Act II. They were not bad to look at either! Finally I have to say, she looked gorgeous!

Duncan Hartman's Review 10/9 Show

It was a remarkable concert - including the "drama." She was certainlylooser and funnier than in 2000 and personally, I think she sang better. The voice was freer, had more spin and she was much more confident about the top than in 2000. Yes, there seems to be an interesting new "huskiness" in her sound, but I actually like that a lot.

Anthony Esposito's Review 10/9 Show

Her name is Barbra...She is and alway's will be 'the greatest star'..As the orchestra played the overture from the original broadway production of 'Funny Girl', I was transported to the Winter Garden circa 1964. When 'the voice' began to sing 'Starting Here, Starting Now', I had a seat at the taping of 'Color Me Barbra'. Seeing Barbra sit on the stairs, and begin 'we travel single o....', MSG was transformed into Henry Street..I must say that having heard her perform 'People' several times before live, Monday's rendition was the best that I have heard! Barbra managed a 'different kind of concert experience' with flawless execution. Gone was the big production filled with video images of her movies, and duet partners. Here was a minimal and open stage anchored with a few vases of flowers and her stand for tea. She created an intimate setting which visibly put her at ease. Her song selection delighted and suprised her most ardent fans, by stepping outside her 'box' to perform some gems from her extensive song catalog. She still is able to evoke wild applause and adoration, and when an audience hears her voice, they immediately become silent hanging on the words and the performance. Barbra live, is Barbra at her best, and there is no other experience like it. I am fortunate to have experienced this in my lifetime, and will alway's consider myself one of 'the luckiest people, in the world'

A ticket stub from the New York concert

Mansi's Review 10/9 Show

I was there, I heard her swear on stage (bit shocking!), but quite frankly, it's just made her appear quite normal to me. It was a beautiful concert, the 3 hours fled by. I loved Il Divo too and I'm a bit annoyed by some of the comments made about them. It must be quite difficult for a young group to perform alongside such a superstar! Anyway, yes, I paid a fortune for my tickets, but it was worth every penny. I would go again if I could afford to. I suppose maybe I was a bit disappointed that the concert setting was so plain compared to her previous concerts, but such is life, I was meant to see that concert and I still adore her to bits and have constantly listened to her albums on my return home.


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