Streisand: 2006 North American Concert Tour

Sunrise, Florida

October 28th

October 30th

BankAtlantic Center

Streisand in Florida

* These shows were videotaped for a television special & DVD release.

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Set List

Act One

Streisand in spotlight

Il Divo set:

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Unbreak My Heart
  3. My Way (dedicated to Barbra)

Funny Girl Suite:

Act Two


Press Reviews & Photos

Miami Herald Story

Concertgoer pelts Babs with beverage

(October 30th Show)

Barbra Streisand's politics didn't find a wholly agreeable crowd during her Monday concert at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise.

As Babs traded political barbs with a George W. Bush imitator, a fan of the songstress who apparently disagreed with her politics pelted her with a beverage. And as her anti-GOP riff ended, another man in the crowd found himself being escorted out of the center as he shouted at Streisand.

Streisand shrugged both incidents off, saying some people would do better to buy her records than come to her shows. A similar scenario unfolded during Streisand's concert earlier this month at Madison Square Garden in New York, during which the singer used the F-word in shouting down a heckler.

Sun Sentinel Review

Evergreen star shows she's still got it

By Sean Piccoli Pop Music Writer

October 29, 2006

Barbra Streisand shed some of her regal aura on Saturday night at BankAtlantic Center to present a disarming everygal persona to a sold-out house.

She chatted amiably between songs about performing in South Florida for the first time since 1963. She quoted Linda Richman ("Like buttah!"), the Barbra-obsessed character from Saturday Night Live. She looked vulnerable sitting at the piano trying to pick her way through Ma Premiere Chanson, the first song she ever wrote. She even swore in French at a dropped piano note and promised to just "sing the rest," which she did capably.

Streisand at age 64 doesn't have all the notes she could summon in the 1960s as big-voiced Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. But in the first of two South Florida dates, she was strong vocally and charming personally. Nobody seemed to hold the 43-year absence against her. And Streisand, never one to tour much (this is her first national tour since 1994) seemed to enjoy her return to a place that identifies strongly with the Brooklyn-born Jewish singer, actor and diva.

This tour began as "a neat way to raise a lot of money for the causes I believe in," she said, speaking in general about her charitable giving. But she suggested it has since become something besides a multi-city fundraiser: "I'm enjoying myself more than I have ever done touring."

The enjoyment was shared. In the first half of a show divided by an intermission, Streisand received ovations and was peppered throughout with audience cries of "I love you!" She returned the affection by singing warmly, with a 55-piece orchestra providing suitably sumptuous backing.

She opened a bit tentatively, as if checking her range, with Starting Here, Starting Now, a song dating to 1966. She sounded more confident on the follow-up, Down With Love, a witty, jazzy vamp built around voice, bass and a touch of brass.

The Way We Were didn't quite pack the climactic wallop that helped make the recording such a quintessential Streisand hit, but her voice still brimmed with emotion. At this point, the bond between Streisand and the audience was strong enough to survive an encounter with the tour's designated special guests, Il Divo.

That all-male pop opera quartet, hand-picked by American Idol judge and music executive Simon Cowell, joined Streisand on stage in the early going for Evergreen. The song hardly needed four extra voices to pad Streisand's soaring vocal, and indeed, the presence of Il Divo in the mix added too much weight and vocal decoration, making an already dressy pop tune excessively baroque.

Il Divo's three-song solo turn, a mini-break for Streisand, was a thankfully short run through Europeanized versions of Sea of Love, Unbreak My Heart and My Way. Streisand returned and really hit her stride with four consecutive songs from her starmaking musical, Funny Girl -- the title track, The Music That Makes Me Dance, My Man and People.

Streisand reminisced through this stretch as if she were hosting an episode of VH1's Storytellers (in fact, Saturday's show was being filmed for a different cable network's upcoming special), noting which songs appeared in the musical or the movie version, or both. But this proved to be a smart way of setting the table for each number and creating a bit of mood. When she sang, especially during the melancholy My Man, she was completely engaged, and engaging.

Miami Herald Review

Streisand in Florida

Streisand proves she's still The Greatest Star


Barbra Streisand paid tribute to the '60s in every conceivable way on her first arena tour in 12 years, and her first ever in front of a wildly appreciative South Florida.

The songs were primarily pulled from her 1960s catalog of show tunes and standards, and were especially heavy on the Funny Girl material. The star is 64 and, gazing around at a packed BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, many of her fans -- including bold-face names in attendance like University of Miami president Donna Shalala (''[Barbra's] a friend of mine, she said I had to come'') and Miami Heat coach Pat Riley -- appear to have hit the sexagenarian point, too.

The most recent hit during this 180-minute extravaganza would be the Carter-era extract Evergreen, the Oscar-winning theme from her 1976 movie A Star Is Born. But The Tour, as Streisand has dubbed this 20-date event, isn't geared toward young listeners who may have discovered this funny lady in the recent Ben Stiller comedy, Meet the Fockers.

No doubt, this ballads-dominated, cabaret-styled set list was selected with a keen eye toward catering to seniors with life savings who could afford Streisand's inflated ticket prices -- $102.75 to $752.75.

For the few who cared to ogle hunky young flesh, she offered up as a support act Simon Cowell's grating creation Il Divo, a multicultural pop opera boy band who figure if they all sing at once at top volume someone will confuse it for art.

But it seemed that everyone was happy, so why kvetch?

Promoters are crowing that Saturday night's concert set a house box office record, and both South Florida dates are being taped for an upcoming cable special and DVD.

Streisand's fans paid her back with a plethora of standing ovations and even Streisand seemed to be enjoying herself -- no mean feat for an artist who has largely eschewed live performances throughout her 46-year career.

''I haven't performed here since 1963, I was the opening act for Sergio Franchi at the Eden Roc,'' Streisand teased before launching into an exquisite jazz stroll, Down With Love.

She followed with a cheerful laundry list of the South Florida restaurants she had visited earlier in the day -- Johnny V's and Joe's Stone Crab. (``Did you know they have the best fried chicken?'')

And why shouldn't she be in good spirits? Streisand remains pop's preeminent vocalist and crowned the list of the 20th century's greatest entertainers. If this tour is any indicator, she's making a run at the 21st century's hit list, too.

On a spartan stage with ample room for a full orchestra, the star's swivel chair, tea and four flower vases, Streisand was refreshingly conversant, amusing, compelling, even approachable.

One segment featured an audience Q & A with handwritten questions gathered outside the venue before the concert. Streisand, a bit uncertain, sang a couple verses from her '70s pop/rock number Stoney End, a song not on the set list, but offered up because a fan requested it. ''I hope I can get the note,'' she joked. She did.

If her voice has lost some of its top range and if she avoids the grand gesturing showstoppers of the past, her instrument has gained warmth, elegance and richness in the midrange. The few rough spots added humanity to a performer who could be too technically perfect in the past.

For instance, My Man, from 1964's Funny Girl, gained in nuance and resonance to become the evening's vocal standout. Starting Here, Starting Now, a rouser she once performed at a political rally for 1972 presidential hopeful George McGovern, was used as her opening number Saturday and it was beautiful.

''Some of you cringe when I talk about politics,'' Streisand warned before launching into this tour's most controversial segment -- a slightly overlong but sporadically funny skit with a buffoonish George Bush impersonator.

''I love the truth,'' Streisand said in prefacing the routine, noting how she has long been a victim of ''crazy'' media stories. ''People said I walked into a room and fired all the musicians on the left. Anyone who knows me knows I would have fired everyone on the right,'' she cracked.

Unlike the unpleasant moment in New York earlier this month when a heckler upset the star, her first South Florida tour date went smoothly. ''And this is a Red State, I have to be careful,'' she quipped.

When Streisand simply sang, all concerns vanished. Even Il Divo's unwanted intrusion into her soaring rendition of Somewhere wasn't enough to ruin it.

When Streisand asked, in a very old song, Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair? the only suitable reply could be: Stay as long as you wish, Barbra.

Fan Reviews & Photos

Anonymous Review (Oct. 30th Show)

Courtesy of Jeff

What an event....! What a show...! What drama...! Having seen her a week earlier in Boston and responding to that, I'll concentrate here on the differences between that show and this one.

For starters, obviously, there were eleven cameras including three "jibs" or cranes. They had also added color-changing "star light" to the black curtain behind the stage. (This show was not in "the round".) Barbra, sporting much more make-up than before... looked stunning. Absolutley stunning. Some of the puffiness from her face was gone, and it truly looked like the years had been striped away.

I noticed on the monitors that they were showing the High-Def camera footage, and not just a regular video feed that I saw in Boston. This makes the footage look like it is film... and it is gorgeous. Streisand deserves this look. The image is letter-boxed, beautifully lit, and wonderfully stunning....

As for Barbra herself, I must say that in my opinion she seemed a little more stiff that I had seen her a week earlier. In Boston, she was so loose and relaxed and really at ease. I'm not sure if it was the notion that they were recording these, but she was slightly, SLIGHTLY different. For example, TWICE at the start of Act Two the bottom of her Donna Karan gold dress got tangled up in the chair. She tugged and pulled... but didn't say anything. I had the feeling that were she sans cameras, she might have made a joke. Same thing with the Q&A section. She read three from people in the audience, then grabbed the "George from Texas" planted card... but put it down. Instead she read from some others.. which were clearly planted as these were questions I had heard from other venues. Her answers seemed to prepared for these, as well.

And then.... the drama ensued.

I was sitting just about center stage in the second section, so I clearly saw the clear plastic cup of ice (and probably water) fly up and in her direction. OH MAH GAWD. Someone actually had the NERVE to throw something at our Barbra. (Later, talking to people who hadn't seen the show before, I learned that some people thought this was initially part of the act...!)

Bless her soul, though.... Barbra kept going with hardly batting an eye. Steve Bridges, (the fake Bush), reached over and wiped something off her arm and intimated that they should stop, but she said, "no, it's all right. Let's go on." Of course, the IDIOT was surrounded by stadium staff and escorted away (hopefully to a keyless chamber), and they started to continue the skit. At one point as he was about to leave the stadium, he must have said something to her, because Barbra turned and said to him, "Sir, what was it that you didn't like. Because I'll be glad to repeat it!" The crowd cheered. That was the "hottest" she got. They continued the skit and finished it. I don't know how, but she really did keep her calm.

And THEN... ANOTHER idiot off to the opposite side on the first level yelled, "Barbra - you're a bitch!" The audience booed him to leave, and cheered as he was dragged away by security. His skanky girlfriend walked behind him, shooting Barbra "the bird". (The kind lady next to me remarked, "Who would pay so much to come see her, only to want to be thrown out...?") My thoughts exactly.

Barbra, then, was the most gracious and professional than I've ever seen her. She was really trying to both proceed and calm the audience down. She said things like, "I'm sorry. I wear my politics on my sleeve." And then then capper, "Sir, maybe you should just buy my albums and not come see me live." We all applauded. She continued to talk about how it was everyone's right to free speech, and that he was entitled to his. This then worked perfectly into her next sections about hope, optimism, etc...

And she continued on, never batting an eyelash... The consummate performer.

At the end of the show, we got the encore of "Smile", in which she asked us all, "Wanna meet my little girl...?" At the top of the stage, she was handed Sammie, who licked her (on the mouth - ick). Barbra mentioned how Sammie didn't really like show business. She began singing the song, then Sammie started to squirm so Barbra put her down, thinking she would sit next to "Mama". She didn't. She scampered down the stairs, making Barbra call out, "Renata! Someone make sure to get her..." THAT was the cool, newly relaxed Barbra that I've seen on this tour.

Unfortunately, Barbra "the Editor" might excise these human moments out of the DVD...

Still.... seeing Barbra was one of the greatest pleasures in life. And it's such a joy to see she's clearly enjoying hers.

Streisand and her dog Samantha

Richard Russey's Review (Oct. 28th Show)

Simply Sublime: Streisand Soars

The evening came upon the BankAtlantic Center like a soft curtain of purple and pink sky. It was amazing later, inside, when I marveled at the exquisite lighting of the stage, at how much it looked like some of the colors of the sky. Electricity was in the air, as the huge space filled with excited people who need to be with other people who love Barbra. What struck me more than any other part of the entire evening, more than the simply classic stage set, more than the huge orchestra, more than the buzz around the swooping camera cranes that were capturing Barbra’s every nuanced gesture for editing into a TV special, more than anything else was her crystal clear, expressive, and absolutely sublime voice. I’ve been following both the fan review and the press reviews on Matt’s site, and I was a little concerned to hear about a “huskiness” or “raspiness” in previous performances. Not so in Fort Lauderdale. Maybe it was the TV special being taped, maybe it was that she had had four days off since her last date, but whatever the reason and cause, her voice was simply rapturous. Other elements of the concert scored well: Il Divo seemed to be a huge hit with the audience last night, receiving standing ovations every time they sang, alone or with Barbra; and Steve Bridges as “Dubs” as Barbra called him, was spot on in his impersonation, and the material must have been updated because it was funny, fast-paced, and ended at just the right time when “Dubs” received a phone call on his red hotline cell phone from Laura. A funny line at the end of his appearance was when he answered the call from Laura, he said, “hello, you’ll never guess who I’m with….Barbra! …No, not mother! … Barbra Streisand!” By and large, Barbra spoke her truth, as she would like to say, but was gracious and not for a moment overbearing. She even thanked the real George W. for being such a good sport and good-humored. (Tossing a bone to our … ahem … Red State.)

Act II was a stunner! It didn’t hit me until I saw Barbra come out in her Donna Karan gown, as has been widely reported, with the gold embellishments. Exquisite, and also …. showing a lot of cleavage. Tasteful, yet so voluptuously a woman in her prime. She was generous and easy going with the audience. Yes, there were the teleprompters reported in every earlier concert, but not as omnipresent as I had imagined they would be by the reporting. And, she never appeared to be reading from them or relying on them. Musically, I enjoyed her second act set as much as anything I’ve ever heard her sing. I am salivating for the CD and the TV special! This one will be a classic folks!

The essence of Barbra in Fort Lauderdale on October 28, 2006: Simply Sublime … Streisand Soared! I drove home, moon roof open, Streisand CD blaring, with a big, big smile on my face. Thanks for paying us a (double) visit, Barbra. We adore you for it, and we adore that you seemed genuinely touched by our expressions of love for you!

P.S. I noticed Linda Ronstadt in the audience, front and center, with I guess her daughter or a young relative – they were both transfixed throughout the performance (my binoculars helped me to know that), and she even joined in singing (from her seat) when Barbra sang Stoney End.

Bill Ross conducts Barbra Streisand in concert

Ken's Review (Oct. 28th Show)

The Bank Atlantic Center doors didn't open until around 7:00pm. Many people in the various lines were wondering why they weren't letting us in, but I had a hunch (thanks to the Barbra Archives) that the delay was due to the fact that the show was going to be filmed. When the doors finally opened, things were so behind schedule that security was rushing everyone in without checking belongings. After finding my seat, I looked around and there they were; at least seven cameras set up!

Barbra looked and sounded amazing! She's much thinner in person than recent photos would indicate. Her outfits appeared to be the same as the Montreal show. She didnth't wear the sailor dress. Act One: black top under a glittery cardigan with matching long skirt, then in the second half of Act One wore the same top and cardigan but with matching glittery black pants. Act Two: the black & gold Donna Karan dress. She also seemed to be wearing a bit more makeup than at previous shows. Barbra didn't acknowledge that the show was being filmed until the beginning of Act Two. She simply said that we had probably noticed the cameras all around and that the show was being filmed for a television special. She joked about Florida being a red state, but the vast majority of this audience seemed to share her political views. She mentioned staying at Rosie O'Donnell's house while in Florida but followed with "Oops, I shouldn't have told you that."

Barbra's set list was very similar to the Minneapolis date with a few exceptions: she reinstated "Happy Days Are Here Again" after the George Bush skit. She also did one encore of "Don't Rain On My Parade" and then asked us if she could sing a couple of extra songs! She sang "Nobody's Heart Belongs To Me" and closed with "When The Sun Comes Out".

In regards to Il Divo, I thought they were fantastic. I don't understand why so many concertgoers don't like them.

It was an incredible evening. Barbra, you truly are The Greatest Star.

Gary Clark's Review

My friend and I arrived at the Bank Atlantic Center 2 hours early ,(5:30) in hopes that we could have first dibbs on all the Babs merchandise.. We figured an hour and a half would be sufficient time to shop, however to our surprise we waited outside the arena until 7:15. Apparently there was a last minuet sound check being made and the show finally got started around 8:15. To say it was worth the wait , would be an understatement... When Barbra appeared on stage, the audience proved to her that they would have waited all night if they had to! She sang her heart out and Il Divo performed as though Barbra had inspired them to the next level. The selections were pretty much in order ("Cockeyed Optimist" being one of the surprise stunners), with standing ovations after almost every song, until the near end of the show when she came out for the encore and said to the music director,(Bill Ross) "We have to raise the piano up onto the stage".. The piano was elevated up on to the stage and Barbra sat down next to the piano and informed the audience that the show was being recorded for T.V. and if they didn't mind she would like to sing a couple more songs... The crowd went wild and she performed "Nobodys Heart Belongs to Me.",( which she said she hadn't sang since she was 18) and then .. "When The Sun Comes Out".

Wow!!, ..her renditions of these two songs were simply beyond wonderful.. Kind of a glimpse of the younger Barbra.. Words are hard to find to describe Barbra"s performance. What an blessing it was to be in Barbra" presence... The DVD should be exceptional. Can't Wait!

Streisand sings in beautiful Donna Karan gown

Carla DelVillaggio's Review (Oct. 28th Show)

I'm in Post-Barbra Depression! So many weeks in anticipation of this event....I had the "Countdown to BABS" written on the chalkboard in my Voice Studio since the beginning of the semester...all my students knew where I was going and WHEN...and now it's over. BUT, there are no words to describe what a beautiful, joyous, emotional evening it was. My fiance' and I drove from Orlando on Friday afternoon so we could stay overnight in order to arrive EARLY on Saturday evening for the concert at the Bank Atlantic Center in Ft. Lauderdale. He knew that if we were late, there would be hell to pay...some things are simply not negotiable...and being late to THIS CONCERT was not going to happen! We even scoped out the arena on Saturday afternoon so we knew where we were going and where we were parking, etc. Seeing her name on the marquee outside the venue was enough to make me cry. Almost as if I couldn't believe this was actually going to happen!

As others have already mentioned, we had to wait outside for much longer than we expected to due to last minute sound checks. The 2 Florida shows being taped for a later television (and DVD) release created more need for more pre-show checks and last minute tweaking. Our beloved Barbra IS a perfectionist and it's one of the many reasons we love her.

We were about 10th in line at one of the many doors to the venue, and once inside I still had PLENTY of time to do some serious damage at the "Barbra-belia" counter!

To say it was worth the wait is a major understatement. I had only seen her once before, in 2000 at Madison Square Garden. The memory and feelings from that time have never left me and I feel the same about this event. I had my binoculars dead on the opening in the center of the stage, where I knew she would appear. I was so excited that as the Funny Girl overture came to a close and the lights began to change and then I saw just the top of her head...I began to cry, even before she started to sing. Then there was....that VOICE. "Starting Here, Starting Now" began a bit tentatively on her the feeling that she wasn't completely warmed up, but even with that it was warm and beautifully, poignantly sung.

I watched her face thru the binoculars on the jumbo-tron and she looked absolutely stunning. (I hope I look that good at 64.) I agree with another fan review who said she looked thinner than some of the earlier photos seemed to indicate. I thought she was GORGEOUS! Indeed she was wearing more makeup than usual - I'm quite sure, due to the fact that the concert was being filmed for TV. She seemed happy and relaxed, her patter was casual and even though we all know it was scripted, it sounded quite spontaneous. The audience was eating her up! I felt much more "accessibility" from her than I remembered from 2000. She seemed to love strutting across the stage to either side, to "see what was going on over here". She even RAN across the stage during her bows at the end of "Don't Rain on My Parade"....watching her (literally) kick up her heels during that number just made me laugh and cry all at the same time.

(Yeah I shed many tears during the evening). Mostly out of happiness and just the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed by the experience. Miss Streisand has, more than any other performer, inspired and influenced me in my own singing. No one spins a phrase like her, no one sings the meanings of the words like she can. I don't believe there will ever be another artist of the magnitude of Barbra Streisand in our lifetime. Listening to her and watching her perform is an education on HOW TO BE AN ARTIST. Period. She is more than just a singer or just an actress....she is a true artist.

I have mixed feelings about Il Divo. I thought they sang TOO LOUD for TOO LONG. Their arrangements have them all singing at the tops of their ranges all at the same time, for every number and it just got to be too much. So much so, that you often couldn't even hear the harmonies, just cacophony. When they held back and sang with more finesse it could be pretty, but did Streisand's "Evergreen" or "Somewhere" really NEED Il Divo? Absolutely not. I would have preferred to have heard her sing those pieces intended.

The George Bush sketch was very funny and the audience loved it. In fact, all of her moments of connecting with the audience through humor or simply story-telling were wonderfully done. (and Babs....please don't stop talking politics! It's because of people like you that things might finally get done! You inspire others to do the same!)

We had a bonus in that she sang a couple of extra pieces, again because of the taping. So, it was a rare treat indeed to hear "Nobody's Heart Belongs to Me". Absolutely beautifully sung...just Barbra and the piano. Nothing more was needed.

By the time she got to "When the Sun Comes Out" it was obvious she was getting a bit vocally tired. A few notes were scratchy and she, being the brilliant artist she is, cleverly worked her way around the high notes so that they worked for her in spite of her fatigue. And the piece was still a power-ballad in the best sense of the word. In spite of any vocal "imperfections" (I guess it's just that we are SO used to that voice having NO flaws that when you hear one or two, they take you by surprise) she sang with power, confidence, warmth and emotion. Nothing was lacking. There were no disappointments. I made sure to savor each and every note, every word, every gesture and every expressive look on her face. What a night! Thank you Barbra.

Barbra Streisand proves time and again why she will always be "The Greatest Star".

Joey Rivera's Review (Oct. 28th Show)

I was very much excited with anticipation because I knew (thanks to you) that the show would be taped for a future TV (and possible DVD) special. After me, my partner Kevin and our two best friends Paul and Gilbert parked in the $30.00 (yes! That is right) general parking, we walked to the entrance where we were mesmerized by the amount of people waiting outside the arena at 6:00 pm to get inside (doors opened at 7:00 pm sharp) There must have been thousands! The arena was packed literally. There were people from all over the world. You could hear people talking in Spanish, Portuguese, French you name it! It was really nice to see that Barbra really belongs to the universe and that she appeals to everyone period.

The show, although was slated to start at 7:30 pm, it didn’t start until little after 8:00 pm and I guess it was because the arena was packed and the concierge were overwhelmed by the amount of people. They were a little poorly organized. I mean even as Barbra began singing there were people still entering the arena and being seated! I think the producers of the show wanted to start because they knew that the show would be longer than the rest.

Her voice was impeccable. She is not the 18 year old who held those high notes forever but she is now more sweet, more controlled, more intimate and as enchanting as ever!

After the funny girl overture (Broadway version) she emerged center stage from the trap door on the floor and began “Starting here, Starting now” with a very controlled sense of being. People were ecstatic to see her! I couldn’t here very well the song because of the screams and the standing ovation. In contrast with what I’ve read on other concerts, she was wearing make up noticeably and her hair was sleekly parted to the side, she looked amazing. I think is because she was having this show taped.

She talked about being in South Florida back in the sixties where she was the opening act for Sergio Franchi and people started laughing (especially the more mature audience) she then said she was excited to be there because it was such a long time and it felt “new” to her.

She then continued with “Down with love” and after that song she talked about her cousin who lives in Miami and how she had trouble getting to his house because she kept stopping at various places to snack on something. People loved it and reacted to every popular place she mentioned. She also mentioned she was staying at Rosie O’Donnell’s house because she was her friend and offered her the house for her stay and then she said… ”oh my I’ve shouldn’t have said that”… as if she was letting the paparazzi where she was at or something, it was hysterical. She had the audience on her hand. She was very human, acting like a long time friend. She then sang “The Way We Were” which was delightful. She then started talking about the 10 songs she has composed over the span of her career and sat on the piano to play the first few bars of “Ma Premier Chanson” and then she sang the last verse of the song. She did not sing the song completely. She did mentioned that it was a French composition because it was a song “born” while she was working on the “Je m’appelle Barbra album” with Michel Legrand back in the sixties and noted (jokingly) that the album had reached gold status after 40 some years, it was hilarious the way she poked fun at herself.

She then sang “Evergreen” with Il Divo singing the song in different languages, a few verses in English, Italian, French and Spanish and finishing in English again. Then Il Divo had its mini concert singing three songs, One in Italian (Unchained melody), the second in Spanish (Un break my heart) and the last one which they dedicated to Barbra “My way” first half in Spanish and second half in English. To my surprise they sounded good and the public liked it they even gave them a standing ovation for “My way”

Barbra came back in sequined pant suit to sing “Come rain or come shine” and then the first magical moment of the night: The funny girl medley. This section was MAGICAL. She was simply superb. Singing Funny Girl, The music that makes me dance, My Man and People. The audience went wild.

Act two started with the entr’acte and then the guys from Il Divo emerged on the stage to the tune of Music of the Night and Barbra joined for the second half of the song. In contrast with other shows, she was not overpowered by the boys and they blended amazingly. She was wearing the Donna Karan black and gold dress with a hint of a golden tone eye shadow and more eyeliner than before! She was simply Barbra! She then sang “Carefully taught/Children will listen”, “Unusual way” and “What are you doing the rest of your life”…you can tell that Barbra enjoys a lot more to sing the songs that she has never covered. She becomes the actress interpreting the character in the song being sung.

Then we had the Q&A section, a quick and short parody of Stoney End and the Bush parody which was well received despite her observation that “I have to be careful this is a RED STATE…” She joked when the Bush impersonator joined her onstage “Are you here to take me to a jail?” it was hilarious.

She then sang “Happy Days” by herself stating that she hopes that we can all sing it for real on November seven! That comment brought the house rocking with applause. She then sang “Cockeyed optimist” and then “Somewhere” with Il Divo. She then sang “My shining hour” and THEN came the most exciting part. I knew the show had to be a little different because of the fact that it was being taped, and so she sang three encores!!! She sang “Don’t rain on my parade” (Broadway reprise version) bringing the house to their feet and then came back and asked the audience: “Would you all mind if I sang a couple more songs?” the people went wild with approval. She sang a haunting and melancholy version of Nobody’s heart belongs to me” with only the piano accompanying her and then a jazzy version of “When the sun comes out” that was amazing! She was powerful and let her voice go wild on that one. We were left with a concert experience that we will never forget!!!

Below: The BankAtlantic Center (now the BB&T Center) magazine from 2006 with Streisand on the cover. Joey Rivera provided the scan.

On Stage magazine cover


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