Streisand: 2006 North American Concert Tour

Columbus, Ohio

October 6, 2006

Schottenstein Center

Streisand at Schottenstein Center

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Set List

Act One

Il Divo set:

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Unbreak My Heart
  3. My Way (dedicated to Barbra)

Funny Girl Suite:

Act Two


Press Reviews & Photos

Columbus Dispatch Review

Singular sensation: The diva touches past, present glories in impressive fashion

Saturday, October 07, 2006

By: Barbara Zuck

Streisand’s dress and voice shimmer onstage.

Barbra Streisand begins her concert with Starting Here, Starting Now

In an age of instant, throw-away celebrity, true entertainment royalty is getting hard to come by. Columbus received a visit from the queen last night, as Barbra Streisand — looking and sounding every bit the aristocrat — played a packed Value City Arena on the second stop of an extensive American tour, her first in 12 years.

Dressed in a long black sequined gown and 4-inch spiked heels, Streisand dominated both halves of the more than 2 1 /2-hour show.

The arena had a retro look — configured like a giant nightclub, with long, tiered, lighted runways extending well out into the hall and surrounding a full symphony orchestra. A small table with a vase of flowers was placed front and center, and after Streisand came onstage — lifted via a small elevator smack into the middle of a spotlight — she worked this part of the stage, closest to her adoring audience.

"Hello, Columbus," Streisand yelled — as fans screamed "We love you!" back. Then she immediately launched into an upbeat version of Starting Here, Starting Now. The familiar and distinctive voice may have sounded a bit husky at first, but not for long. By the time she got to her third song, the show-stopping The Way We Were, both Streisand and the crowd were well-warmed up.

Streisand certainly gave the outward appearance of polished elegance. But there were amusing reminders of the "funny girl" who started her career playing comedienne Fanny Brice. Moving to the piano at one point, she tried to play a song she had written when she was in her 20s, hit a wrong note, and said, "Oh, s---!" much to crowd’s delight.

Later, she took her shoes off and strode the stage in stocking feet. She made no secret of her need for either reading glasses or the teleprompters placed strategically around the hall — so obvious even some of the crowd could read along. It gave the show a kind of homey feel.

The trip down memory lane took a sharp step back into the present, however, one many in the audience must have been waiting for. As Streisand began the first lines of her song Evergreen, the four young men known as Il Divo appeared behind her — to more cheers from the crowd.

Il Divo and La Diva blended voices beautifully in selections on both halves, and one wished they had sung a few more tunes together. Women in the audience of a certain age no doubt appreciated the way Streisand turned the stereotypical generation gap on its ear, surrounding herself with handsome men probably about half her age.

The four amigos sang on their own on both halves. Four handsome men in tuxedos crooning in foreign languages. Who said romance is dead?

After a long set of ballads at the top of the second half, Streisand threw out an unexpected curve — a visit from President Bush (impersonator Steve Bridges). As a well-known supporter of liberal causes, the singer couldn’t resist a few very light punches at the current administration. Bridges, by the way, has the Dubya down pat, but the bit went on too long.

La Diva and Il Divo finished with a nod toward Leonard Bernstein — a gorgeous rendition of Somewhere from West Side Story.

Streisand is a singular and amazingly accomplished artist. She’s been successful and lauded in two arenas — film and music. She once called herself "an actress who sings."

Better "a singer who acts." It won’t be "the laughter we remember." It’ll be the voice.

Streisand performs in Columbus in 2006


The Cleveland Plain Dealer Review

Ultimate diva's buttery voice still soars

Monday, October 09, 2006

By: John Soeder Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic

Yeah, we know: People who need people are the luckiest people, yadda, yadda, yadda. It took more than luck, however, if you felt the need to catch Barbra Streisand in concert Friday night at Value City Arena.

The venue was ironic, considering ticket prices ranged from $150 (for a "cheap" seat) to $600. Undaunted, 10,000-plus adoring fans turned out, whether or not it necessitated a second mortgage. Streisand's only Ohio appearance was the second stop on a 20-date tour, the elusive songbird's first major outing since the mid-1990s.

Didn't she do a handful of "farewell" engagements a few years ago, you ask? Look, bubele, we're talking about the ultimate diva. If Babs, 64, fancies a comeback, who are we lowly mortals to rain on her parade? Streisand the Barbarian made a dramatic entrance to the tune of "Starting Here, Starting Now," basking in a spotlight after she rose from the bowels of a fortress-like stage. Vases of flowers added a homey touch.

Luxuriating in the accompaniment of a 58-piece orchestra, our glamorous heroine belted out "Evergreen" (the greatest pine-scented love song ever! ), "People," "Somewhere" and other signature ballads alongside Tin Pan Alley soliloquies such as "Come Rain or Come Shine" and "My Shining Hour." When she wasn't confiding in us in a conversational tone, her buttery voice soared.

Between numbers, she read scripted banter off TelePrompTers, which also flashed lyrics and other cues. You know the beginning of "The Way We Were," where Streisand dreamily hums the melody? The TelePrompTers actually spelled out: "HMMMMM . . ."

Almost nothing was left to chance, except when the Artist Formerly Known as Yentl sat down at a piano for "Ma Premiere Chanson," only to hit a bum note. "Oh (expletive)! Sorry! She is human!" she ad-libbed. The crowd roared.

The first half of the 2½-hour concert featured a suite of show tunes from "Funny Girl." During the second half, Streisand traded punch lines with President Bush impersonator Steve Bridges. Babs and Dubs (as she called him) teamed up for a fun "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again" duet, too.

The gutsy political humor went over well. Then again, nobody ever accused Streisannosaurus Rex of a chutzpah deficiency. Tour proceeds benefit her favorite liberal causes.

Furnishing breathtaking multilingual harmonies on "The Music of the Night" and several other songs was Il Divo - the suave "popera" quartet, not the Akron band of "Whip It" fame. Come to think of it, how about a Streisand-Devo double bill? Now that would be priceless.

Fan Reviews & Photos

Mike Miller Fan Review

Alright world...I have returned from THE Barbra Streisand concert. I have returned in a state of aw - a state one might be in had they seen a small miracle take place. Streisand a miracle? probably not, but rare she is. And the fact that I was able to go see her live where I live is something I'm still comprehending. She simply appeared in the spotlight like an ordinary person. Something happens when you see such an icon in real life. The image of her in my head that i had stored from everywhere else I'd seen her, suddenly merged with the real person. And she is real in the flesh which you cannot fathom for the first time, until, as she does, appears in the spotlight. And she was real and so ordinary and gritty in her speech, in her conversation with us. She was not Barbra Streisand - she was any woman on stage, funny and kind and sincere, never did she let us think for a minute that she was the Legend up there. Until, that is, she sang. She sang and it was clear exactly why the house was full and lines were still entering the building 20 minutes after showtime. The voice, strong and rich, did everything it was supposed to do, garnering standing ovations over and over; causing one to sigh in exhaltation because she ripped through it like it was 1964. And she tip-toed over songs sweetly with great care as she does, seeping out the words in delicate phrase until it simpered out of range and we couldn't hear or see her anymore. From beginning to end the house adored her and wouldn't sit nor stop applause so she graciously returned after two ovations for one more song. She sang one last time and it was over. We herded ourselves like sheep back to our cars, where our old lives stood waiting. But one thing was common in all of the people gathered there that night. We knew the distinctiveness of it. Barbra Streisand performed and we knew it as exceptional. It wasn't marginal or meager, or simply good. It was exceptional, and we knew exactly why.

Meagan Day Review

Hey Matt! Just wanted to let you know that Barbra did NOT sing "Woman in the Moon" at the Columbus Show. Here's just some little tidbits that I thought I'd share with you ....


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