Planet Hollywood Resort Private Party Concert

3667 Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada

November 17, 2007

Streisand onstage by Tom Donoghue

Barbra sang at a private party to celebrate the opening of the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas. The party was part of three days of celebrations for the opening of the resort. “We are throwing the biggest party Las Vegas has ever seen and we are excited about our entertainment line-up,” said Robert Earl, co-chairman of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Planet Hollywood concert

The show began with a comedy routine by Kevin Pollack. Then Robert Earl introduced Streisand.

Dressed in black, Barbra was accompanied by her U.S. and European tour conductor, Bill Ross and orchestra. She complained during her set that she caught a cold from her husband.

Streisand sings

Barbra's set list:

a ticket to the Planet Hollywood Streisand show

“I’m glad to be here, because I do like to gamble—particularly, I like to play blackjack,” Streisand said from the stage. “I doubled my money the last time I was here. I took 100 and made it 200—dollars, that is.”

Streisand noticed Sylvester Stallone in the audience and pointed to him. “Who is that?” she asked. “Sly? Hi, baby. My neighbor!”

Streisand explained her semi-raspy voice to the audience. “I caught my husband’s cold,” she explained. “Sorry.”

Celebs congratulate Streisand backstage


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