Streisand: 2007 Europe Concert Tour

18 June 2007

Zurich, Switzerland

(Hallenstadion)Streisand sings in Zurich

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Streisand sings in Zurich

Set List

I Finally Found Someone

Act One

PHOTO RIGHT: Peter Lockyer, Hugh Panaro, Sean McDermott, and Michael Arden on stage with Barbra Streisand.

Broadway Singers set:

Funny Girl Suite:

Act Two


* Thanks to Christian for sending the set list to Barbra Archives!

The Broadway Singers: Peter Lockyer (Miss Saigon, The Phantom of the Opera), Sean McDermott (Grease, Falsettos, Miss Saigon), Michael Arden (The Times They Are A-Changin', Bare), and Hugh Panaro (Lestat, Side Show, The Phantom of the Opera)

BELOW: Hugh Panaro kisses Barbra's hand on stage.

Panaro and Streisand

Press Reviews & Photos

Germany newspaper Streisand sings in Zurich

Fan Reviews

Sylvia's Review

[Photos in this section courtesy of Sylvia]

Sylvia's photo of Streisand

Oh My God...where do I start from?

Thank you sooooooooo much Barbra and everybody else, you couldn't have made my first Barbra concert any more special!

I got to the Stadium around 6, queued for a while, and then my cam got in NO PROBLEMO, the girl just opened my bag, didn't even touch, so no wonder she didn't notice the internal pocket...I start walking around in the arena like a maniac...and BUY my Barbra goodies...130 swiss francs for a tshirt, the program, and a GAWGEOUS poster of Barbra... I felt a bit alone but recognized in the crowd Earla (a swiss girl I talked to on Topixnet) and her twin sister, and we have a nice Barbra talk...and then MY BEST ITALIAN BARBRA BUDDIES Fede and Claudio...I see them at the entrance so I walk back, greet them AND only THEN I see the ASK BARBRA thing!!! so we filled out our answers...when I gave it to the guy, he made me a biiiiiiiig smile and put it directly in HIS pocket...dunno if that's why I was in the 4 or 5 lucky ones chosen!

So then I just hang around with my Italian friend, we're like Barbra drunken, and when we see the Stadium, wow it's SO small! this means Barbra will be sooooooo amazingly close! And the curtain behind her looks great...very very dramatic!

It's around 7.30, and we all get to our seats...RIGHT in front of Barbra...gosh... then I don't even know what time it was, but after 8, and the ouverture starts...I love you Bill Ross! I could have just died...and then SHE's THERE, in front of my very eyes!

Of course, we all stand, applaud and cheer. BTW I was soooooooooo impressed with the audience, so warm and welcoming! I'm sure Barbra was very impressed too, really!

Starting hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, starting nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Oh my Barbra, she's just GAWGEOUS. SHE COULD HAVE REALLY TURNED ME GAYYYYY yesterday night... her dress was fabulous, very classy, sexy...her voice was like BUTTAH....and her looks SO much younger LIVE! She was simply stunning.... I loved the hair, the makeup...veryyyy classy...

I kind of knew the songlist, but it didn't make it any worse...I was just in Barbra heaven... (I have MANY videos and pics, but dunno how they turned out, since I was ONLY looking to Babs and holding my camera still without looking...)

So after a couple of songs, the loud Syl goes 'you're like buttah'! and she repeated 'like buttah?' laughed and asked 'you do you say butter in german? bUtter? ah okay' ...I could just die... Barbra heard my thrilling...

The Way We Were was amazing, and I did shed a few tears...her voice just reaches deep inside of you, shakes all of your internal organs, and gets right to your hearts...

Sylvia photo of Streisand in Zurich

I LOVED all songs, but ma premier chanson, je l'adore! I was so glad she kept it on the song list! Amazing...her voice is sooooooooo much better live....and i looooooove it on cd, so you can only imagine how I felt...

I've been a very loud fan though, I'm sorry for my neighbors...I was doing standing ovations almost after every song, shouting my lungs out....

Then the Bway guys, I was actually impressed...they're much better than il DIVO; very cute...

When she sang MY MAN, I was just jumping on my's my favorite Barbra song EVAH....and she sang it so beautifully...thank you from the bottom of my heart honey!

Durin intermission I had the pleasure of meeting Agnes, a very sweet fan! thanks for sharing our Barbra excitement! Then second act started...time flied...i couldn't believe half of the show was gone already! and then, the BIGGEST surprise for me...Papa can you hear me?...I just was so beautiful... really, I just sat there powerless seeing Barbra from a curtain of tears...and it felt SO good... and then What are you doing the rest of your life...AMAZING...the song is so perfect for Barbra... very moving, and her voice is just like warm chocolate syrup on a vanilla icecream...DIVALICIOUS....

And then ASK BARBRA! I was randomly recording it, NOT expecting her to read my question...and it was THE FIRST ONE! Sylvia Bartalooti? (haha totally misread my name, but Oh my Barbra I love her sooooooooo, she'll never knowwwwww) I was dying! I just shouted out!!! she was like aaaaah too... 'and you live in Pavia' so I screamed 'in italy' and she was like 'In Italy, Italy Siiii' So she read my question 'dearest Barbra,thanks for making my dream come true. I've been listening to you since when I was 7 - she said uhm, you could join the group up here! - I'm now eighteen.How do you feel about having so many young fans? and she answered : well uhm it's very complimentary, I mean, sometimes I don't know who my fans are (....) it's very rewarding to know that , because I'm not trendy, you know,I dont know much about pop music, those of you who like good music good songs im with you, thank you sylvia.'

[Note: You can view Sylvia's question on YouTube >>]

Oh my God! she spoke to me! and then, like the guy with the 3rd question shout out loud too, and Barbra goes 'are you related? sounds the same' then she sang 'you dont bring me flowers' , because a couple from Hawaii asked her to! Barbra was really adorable! I love in the time of your life...she should do a cd just reading poems... All the songs were was simply amazing....

Somewhere with the Bway guys...oh my God! SO SO SO AMAZING.... and then my shining hour...i knew it was close to the sad...but what an amazing experience...

So she says goodnight and stuff, but we wanted MORE! she came back for Don't rain on my Parade...STUNNING! so after another standing ovation, she was like 'wer'e going to do another encore after the encore' and sang smile...definitely one of the most touching moments...then another standing ovation, she just ran around the stage gathering love and applauses, disappeared, came back for other applauses...WOW... I'm sure she was overwhelmed by the warmth of the audience! and then THE END...i greeted all my new and old Barbra buddies...hugging random people, like a very nice couple from Dublin who kept smiling at me when I was shouting etc...

AND then I had my drawings, so I gave them to this veeeeeeeeery nice blonde woman with a backstage pass...she was like SURE honey, im gonna give them to her etc...I was sooooooo happy...i even hugged her and told her I LOVE YOU

then I went home, by car.... 4 hours thinking about Barbra, about how adorable she was, and about how I really had the night of my life.

I love you even more now, Barbra.

Fan Photos

Photo captions (top to bottom): (top) João Victor (with his fabulous What's Up Doc? shirt!) outside the stadium ... (middle) Crews load in the stage at the Zurich arena (picture courtesy of 'earla') ... (bottom) Maria...Maurizio....Bianca after the show. (Courtesy of Maurizio).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this page!

Fan photos from Zurich


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