Streisand: 2007 Europe Concert Tour

Celbridge, County Kildare


Castletown House

14 July 2007

Streisand on stage with Broadway Boys in Dublin

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Rainbow over Castletown

Act One

Broadway Singers set:

Funny Girl Suite:

Act Two


The Broadway Singers: Peter Lockyer (Miss Saigon, The Phantom of the Opera), Sean McDermott (Grease, Falsettos, Miss Saigon), Michael Arden (The Times They Are A-Changin', Bare), and Hugh Panaro (Lestat, Side Show, The Phantom of the Opera)

Rainbow over the stage

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Streisand warms to Germany with Berlin concert

Barbra Streisand tonight continued her box-office, record-breaking European tour at Ireland's Palladian Mansion, the State Historic Castletown House, which was once the ancestral (O Conghaile) home of the former Speaker of the Irish House of Commons William Conolly.

This is the sixth stop on Streisand's first ever European tour, and it was her first performance in Ireland, as part of her series of concerts.

The star-studded audience included actress Kim Catrell, singer Liam Clancy, music entrepreneur and TV personality Louis Walsh, writer Fionnuala Sherry and other luminaries.

Streisand's 17,000 devoted fans braved the traffic queues due to the heavy downpours earlier to give her a standing ovation as she appeared in the palatial open-air setting. Relaxed and joking, Streisand chatted to the audience before the excited crowd alerted her to a giant rainbow that scaled the entire stage set above her head. Streisand commented: 'Wow. Rainbows are lucky, aren't they?' which prompted "Come Rain or Come Shine, " much to the delight of the audience.

A 58-piece orchestra accompanied Streisand as she performed many of the classic songs from her unique repertoire such as "Evergreen", "People", "The Way We Were", "Don't Rain on My Parade" and many more.

Fan Reviews & Photos

Dublin audience in their rain gear

Donna's Review: An absolute triumph!!

I saw Barbra for the very first time at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas last November and was blown away! So when I heard that she'd be doing a European Concert this year, there was no question - I was going!!!

I bought tickets for Dublin and we went prepared (see pic, that's me on the left and my friend Val on the right), wearing our poncho macs and green wellies so the rain and mud weren't a problem for us! Barbra was brilliant and her performance at Castletown House was an absolute triumph!!!

She is mesmerising and her voice, that beautiful voice... I wish I had the words to describe the power iand the emotion she can convey in her songs. She has an amazing ability when she sings to make you feel as if she were singing to you and only you. My Dad (also a great Streisand fan) passed away a few years ago and when she sang "Papa can you hear me", I really felt as if she was singing it just for me.

She is every inch a star and no one could be more deserving of their iconic status. Is she worth the money? God yes, and then some!!!!

I'm going to see her again! I managed to get tickets to her final performance at the o2 on Wednesday - can't wait!!!

Donna Barry (Doonsie) Irchester, Northants

Adam's Review

Adam's roseUnforgettable, unbelievable - Simply Streisand!

Let me share with you my Barbra story as it happened in Dublin. First - when I came to Ireland it was raining all the time — the worst weather for concert I had ever seen. In the afternoon, on Friday — I met up with my German friends — Anke and Sigrid and we had great time checking out music stores for Barbra cds stands. They were almost in every shop! At about 6 pm I got an sms from my sister's boyfriend who works at the airport: "Barbra's plane has some problems — the show tomorrow may be delayed." We couldn't believe what we've just read. Happily, later on I got another sms — "She's here — I saw her!" So happy day came there again! I've spent the night watching Hello Dolly! and The Owl and The Pussycat — just getting ready for the show on Saturday.

On July 14th we met all together with other Streisand fans in Castlehouse, Kildare in a small inn for lunch and after the meeting we went to the show area. I was a bit disappointed — It started to rain and we had to walk in a mud. It was like Woodstock! I don't envy all those dames in high—heels and elegant dresses sticking in the mud.

Finally the show started at 8.45 pm. Barbra came to the stage with big black umbrella laughing — "I'm like Mary Poppins". I'm not sure if the audience got a joke. During the first act it was like funeral — just dead meat in the audience — terrible!

But never mind. When Barbra finished Starting Here Starting Now — the rainbow appeared and then I knew — no matter what — that's gonna be great concert! And it was!

Barbra's voice was in great condition. Much better than in Berlin where I saw her for the first time.

So as I said — first act was not a big success if you consider the audience participation. Some people even left the show during the first act — weird....

During the intermission I went to the first row to meet my friend Agnes and to take some pictures of the stage. We saw Marty and he didn't seem to be happy.

The second act was much better. Barbra did her best. She sang like a newborn — she was doing amazing things with her voice! Just brilliant!

Streisand on stage

During "Ask Barbra" gig somebody asked her to sing Queen Bee and she sang few bars lately saying "I don't know it anymore" — hilarious! The audience get more in the show and you could feel Barbra was more relaxed knowing it. When she was just about to finish My Shining Hour, I said to myself, That's your last chance — go to the stage — so I did (like some other fans). The security did nothing to stop us. We were staying in front of the stage just few meters from Barbra yelling out — We love you Barbra! I was crying! I am not ashamed of it. That was magical moment, one of those you remember all your life.

Barbra was a bit scared in the first moment when a group of us just took by storm the closest area and some people just threw to the stage flowers and something that looked like underwear (but that was just a silk scarf ).

She sang Don't Rain on My Parade, marching on the stage and then she started I've Dreamed of You — we were stunned! The third encore we sang along with her — this version of Smile was like Second Hand Rose in Central Park. There was no violence — just pure love and admiration to Barbra. Amazing thing! At the end James came to the stage and gave Barbra big kiss when they left the stage.

The audience went crazy — Barbra had all of us in her hand... but the show was over.

When technicians and other staff members begun to clear the stage one of the security guys threw a few roses from the bouquet Barbra had on her table to the public. I couldn't catch any so I asked one lady is she can give me one. She did — and now I have my most precious souvenir from Barbra's tour in Europe — the real second hand rose. The night was amazing. Unforgettable, unbelievable — simply Streisand!

Adam Zapora

Sandra's Review

This year is my 17th year of being a Barbra Streisand fan. And what better way than to celebrate it by going to see Barbra Streisand live in concert! Well I did just that on a beautiful Saturday evening, in the open Irish air! Well It was beautiful to me...even if it was muddy and raining. Barbra was very gracious to wait an hr for people to finally arrive after apparently abandoning their cars in a state of panic to get to the show on time. So at about 9 pm, the Funny Girl Overture started and a loud applause followed. I Iove that overture since it is so great and it is the beginning of better things to come! Well better things did come! It was raining and Barbra came up with an umbrella! And she said "I feel like Mary Poppins!" I wouldn't have been surprised if she burst into "A spoon full of sugar..." Hehe! And the funny thing is that as soon as she started singing "Starting here, Starting Now" it suddenly stopped raining! How wonderful!! Barbra must have s special button to instruct the clouds to stop raining! And the sun came out! That opening song was sooo amazing I got goosebumps! Her voice is still like buttah!

Her next song was "Come Rain or come shine". Very appropriate, though I think the song "When the sun comes out" would have been perfect as well! During "Come rain or Come Shine" a rainbow appeared! So after Barbra finished the song, someone shouted at her to look at the rainbow. She couldn't hear him so we all shouted "LOOK AT THE RAINBOW!" She still didn't hear so one more time..."LOOK AT THE RAINBOW!!!!!" and we all pointed to the rainbow. She said "Oh a rainbow!" and walked quickly towards it. Then she said something about Rainbows being a sign of good luck. Well she is right of course!

The rest of the first act went by quite quick to be honest. Maybe coz i was enjoying it too much! I loved all the songs but have say that I really enjoyed "I've finally found someone" with the Broadway Boys. I have 2 say that they are fantastic!. The first act was over way too quickly. That always happens when I am enjoying something too much! the interval lasted about 20 minutes though to me it felt like forever! The Overture was great and the Broadway Boys came out first singing Music of the night" and Barbra joined them half way through. They sounded so great! have always loved this song but that night it was electrifying!

"Papa Can you Hear me?" was another really great rendition! It was sung in such a crystal clear voice and she was just so amazing! This is one of my fave songs as Yentl was my first Barbra film and I love all the songs from it. But "Papa..." always holds a special place in my heart. I always picture Barbra sitting in a field with a candle in front of her (I always thought that was pretty dangerous though!!) and tears running down her cheeks. That is so heart-wrenching!

Another great song was "Unusual Way. It is such a beautiful and haunting melody and Barbra's voice that evening was just perfect. I know that I might be biased but during the whole evening, I never heard any hoarseness in her voice. It was like a fine wine... just better with age!

Ask Barbra was great. Someone asked her why does she think that she has such a big gay following. She replied with "I dunno....They have good taste!" Another fan told her they liked her in comedies and asked if she was funny in real life. To that she replied, "People tell me I'm funny...but they work for me" That was funny and the audience let out a loud cheer and applause.

By someone's request, Barbra sang "You Don't Bring me Flowers". That was a treat! I have always loved that song. Would have been great if the Broadway boys had sung Neil Diamond's part! Either way, well sung!

I really LOVED Babra's reading of William Saroyans poem "The time of your life". This is such a beautiful saying and listening to it in Barbra's voice - WOW! She could read the dictionary though, and I would still have ben engrossed! But the reading was excellent!

"Somewhere " was another great song and by the time "My Shining Hour" came along, I started get sad. I knew the end was nigh...But Barbra surprised us with THREE encores. "Don't Rain on my Parade" (WONDERFUL!) and "I Dreamed of You" dedicated to her husband James Brolin. She sang this song to Jim on their wedding day - it was very special. There were pictures of them on their weeding day on the big screens as well so everyone could see. VERY NICE!

And then Barbra came out for a 3rd encore and said "Because you all dwaddled through the mud, I'm going to sing another song for you" and she sand "Smile"! I LOVE that song! And the audience started singing with her!! I can now say that I have sung with Barbra Streisand!!!! The best part at the end was when James came and escorted her off the stage and gave her a kiss! How romantic is that!!?

And after the concert it started drizzling a bit. It was a very muddy process and quite a long walk getting out of the venue but I was on such a buzz I could have walked 10 miles and wouldn't have minded. I kept replaying the concert in my head and going over it with my friend Roddy. He was on a huge Barbra Buzz so it was a fantastic 30 minute walk back to town!

This was a night I shall never forget and now I cannot wait for the London concerts which I shall be attending.

On a final note, I have come up with an analogy for Barbra. I call her Miss Pringles coz she is like a tube of Pringles crisps. "Once you POP, you can't STOP"! In other words, Once you have been to Barbra's concert, you just cannot help going to more and more and more!

Sandra Griffiths
Bishop's Stortford, UK

More fan photos of Streisand in Dublin

Andy's Review

I just got back from seeing Barbra in Ireland. I flew over from South Manchester in the UK just for her concert.

Anyway, what can I absolute sensation. Barbra was absolutely superb, and remarkably at ease, especially in the second set.

Also, something special happened when she came on stage.....the rain stopped, the sun came out and a rainbow developed over the stage ....... divine intervention? maybe, but it was wonderful to see. She did 2 wonderful sets full of hits and a few rarities as well, and finished with 3-4 encores (I can't remember which), including all the audience participating loudly in "Smile" followed by Barbra bringing her husband on stage with her after the final encore. A very fitting end to a wonderful night.

Andy Hall (Macclesfield)

Emanuel's Review

We flew in from Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the Dublin concert, me bringing along a friend who is no Babs fan but wanted to see Ireland !

I won’t go through the whole mud story which has made headlines, including on this site, but all reviewers were right, both the organization of the event and the weather were absolutely horrible, and the field on which the tribunes had been set did look like some quicksand pond, messing with shoes, pants, and in the unfortunate case of the ladies who had dressed up for the occasion, like a stiletto inferno !

It was my third Babs concert, after Vegas 2000 and New York 2006, and never has she touched me so much. If I start with the voice, I thought she sounded amazing. The very difficult circumstances in which she had to perform, with a very indifferent audience in the beginning, people coming and going, fighting over seats, security ineffective, drunk or uninterested, the weather, lots of empty seats, etc, made her perhaps focus less on her voice and more on her act. As a result, her voice was wonderfully relaxed, free from tension, and she sang with a beauty and clarity of tone that I hadn’t experienced before. Or perhaps it was the humidity, which is good for the vocal cords ! In any case, she sounded absolutely glorious. She did stray from her teleprompted speech, feeling probably that she needed to involve herself more if she wanted to get the audience back, and it worked.

The lack of security made coming close to the stage very easy for people who were standing on the side, and we really saw her from up close. She looked beautiful, and extremely human and touched by what she could see from the stage.

She really gave and by Act II, she had the audience eating in the palm of her hand. Genuinely warm, caring, generous of her energy, she sang wonderfully, acted, interacted with the public, even trying to prevent a fight in the first rows from becoming ugly. The mass adulation she received by the very end of the concert had nothing to do with the one she receives in more formal surroundings, it was really a tribute at how she had handled a very difficult evening, getting out of her perfect Ice Queen persona and becoming a giving, dynamic, reactive artist of the highest calibre. She seemed touched by how her fans stuck with her in spite of everything that had gone wrong that night, apologized for the mud and the weather and the inconvenience of getting there, and if she flubbed a few lines, not many people noticed. My initially unconvinced companion was completely bowled over and when she hit some notes and did some amazing things with her voice, he was angry at the audience for not responding with more applause for she really sounded magnificent.

As we schlepped back through the mud and tried to find a taxi (it took us hours !), we thought that if all the stories about her temperament are to be believed, the organizers of that concert were not going to have a quiet evening ! But it was a unique experience and if I knew in advance that she’d sound and look great (she always does !), I was happy to see that when circumstances require an extra effort, she has kept that sensitivity and human touch that so many feared she had lost.

Emanuel Amon

Paul's Review

Don’t Rain on Her Parade! Barbra in Dublin

What an Amazing Experience!

Barbra singing in the grounds of a stately house in Ireland, in the middle of a very muddy field, with a rainbow bursting out above her!? Who knew?

Barbra said she would sing come rain or shine and that is exactly what she did. I don’t think there has ever been a Barbra concert like this - or will ever be again.

Battling the elements – bad weather, bad organization by the concert promoters, and bad roads – she conquered an initially disgruntled crowd who slow clapped and ended up with them in the Palm of her Hand. They even sang Smile to her at the end – and she seemed to love it.

I think the first act was a bit flat, although her entering a la Mary Poppins was inspired.

The second act however was magical and Barbra’s voice magnificent. It was definitely a less controlled show than the one I saw in New York in October - but in a way this made it better. She really won the audience over by her pure talent and personality. A true Superstar!

For me the highlight was Papa Can You Hear Me.

And another thing – we were able to go right up to the front due to very lax security – amazing to be that close to Barbra as she sung Smile with the audience , an audience that absolutely adored her

A magical night – just wish I had taken photos! Can anyone help?

New York

Eric and Andre in front of Streisand poster

Erich's Review

I wonder should I write this off the cuff, as they say. Could a fan (as I am) write impartially about what happened on Saturday night, Castletown House. Celebridge. Co. Kildare. Can I be fair?! Can I really tell it how it was!! How wonderful I feel two days later despite the odds…! How could I not feel so good. Barbra was sensational.

Before I go on, let me bring out the positive of this review. Let me tell you that I am one of the lucky ones. Let me tell you that although I am an avid fan, I can say that Barbra’s performance was magical. I am still surprised with the sound of her voice. It took me back to when I played my records (you know those round vinyl things with the little hole) as a teenager – before the ‘remastered cds’ stripped the raw and crackle off the music. Back to when you could practically hear the orchestra turning the sheets. This was her voice last Saturday night. There was a depth and warmth I had not heard in a long time. I was at the Boston concert last October, it was a surreal affair being my first Barbra live, but this outdoor event opened up to something more - as she did her voice; taking in the country air, the sunset, the castle set back behind the stage. At times I took myself out of the moment and thought to myself – I can’t believe how good she sounds. Old songs were reborn with familiarity; you know when you hear a song you instantly like – you can’t wait until it ends so you can put the needle right back to the first note, so you can get to know it quick, learning the words, humming the melody – that was what it was like. Learning a new song, you know you will love for a very long time.

The orchestra, striking up to the Funny Girl Overture set my pulse racing, a better intro there is not. The crowd were racing to their seats; those in front of me were hopping with excitement. Each instrument audible and booming through the grounds of the castle. Incredibly so, the sun finally found its way out of the rain clouds which had once again pounded the fields and forest walk to the stage area that afternoon. Glastonberry (? That’s not how ye spell it?) or Oxygen it was not, the similarity ending with mud. Most came prepared although one of my group wore suede spindle heeled shoes, as did many, choosing not to listen to the warnings to dress appropriately. How does one dress for ‘Barbra in the mud’? The forest walk to the stage was charming, for a Sunday stroll, in farmer issue wellies. The organisers, I feel, did as much as they could with the walkways and the seating areas. The rain shower which fell about 4pm was so heavy that the main road we were on was flowing river like within minutes. So much for the morning’s respite and summer sunshine. The damage and mud replenished.

From the outset, people didn’t seem to mind. There was a friendly adventurous atmosphere. We were all teenage fans again sneaking off to the woods, parents unawares, united in our defiance against the odds of weather and negative press over ticket prices. Barbra together we stand! (muddy & broke & smilin’). I had travelled down with my best buddy Dave, my sister and her friend Jackie. We met up with my cousin and her gang in a local pub at 5pm and ate and chatted and calmed the nerves before entering the castle grounds. My cousin had flown back from her holidays in France to be here. Only she is as big a fan as I our family anyway!

Walking in through the castle gates, immediately getting a taste of the muddiness to come, we boot changed and got ourselves prepared. VIPs were chauffeured in golf-cars up the one way path, pedestrian fans and people in cars all using the one road..souped-up-path is more accurate!

Speculating – her opening set was cut by one or two songs because of the hour delay to the start of the show. I’ll get into the negatives on the logistics after I talk about how wonderful Babs was. For our pleasure she sang Come Rain or Shine as her second song, telling us she changed around the set list as it was very appropriate. Just as she got full into the lyrics the sun gave its last rays of the day, enveloping the stage in a golden glow. The crowd shouted with delight when they realised what she was singing, ‘I’m going to love you…come rain…or shine!!’ A huge rainbow arc appeared behind the stage – I have it on my phone – Barbra heard the yelling from the front row and turned looking behind the stage, to the castle and saw the rainbow. She said something about that being a good sign after all of the rain, wondered if there might be a leprechaun at the end of it and understanding the Irish crowd and their aversion to talk of tweedle-dee-by-Americans-on-tour-in-Ireland, she quickly retorted and laughed saying ‘naaa’ – a girl needs to know her audience!! She basked a little in the sun, said it reminded her of filming the last scene of Yentl; the last time she worked in Ireland – well..more ‘on’ Ireland on the Irish sea.

Her talk of Dublin delicacies like Coddle and Colcannon were a little lost on the crowd because of the seating situation. In fact it’s best if I skip to the second half of the show at this point. After a long interval – must have been 30 minutes, the crowd finally seated, really began to relax and let the good times roll. Her ‘ask Barbra’ was funny and was met with genuine good humour, when she broke into You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, which was omitted from the USA tour, we all lost our reason! Hooping and howling, standing before she’d sung a note. This was the real start of the show. The Broadway guys really would have done better to have been an opening act. I prefer them to Il Divo, but the start of the show was missed by many because of the seating mess up. Having the guys sing their take on some Babs classics was brilliant and I thought worked much better then Il Divo. I think a lot could have been salvaged by having them on as an opening act. It would have given extra time to the hundreds of people who could not find their seats.

To stay on the positive, her Papa Can You Hear Me, sung on the night air, the dusk turning to a clear calm night was truly magical. It captured what the scene in Yentl somewhat lacked, the sense of being something small, exposed yet sheltered under a night sky. This was my overwhelmed moment. Where the voice I have loved for years gets right into the core of you, soothes and caresses you, whispers ‘its ok, let it go, its ok to let the tears out – I’m here’. And I did. Boys oh boys I did! Composed again…we’ll move on…sigh…

We were treated to I’ve Dreamed of You as an encore (the second of three), Barbra citing that she had first heard the music to this when she was in Ireland 9 years ago, before she was married. Written by ‘secret garden’, she organised lyrics and sang it on her wedding day. With the lighting now taking effect, the glow from the stage poured a romantic air across the crowd. The security at this point were allowing people to approach the stage, at this point the many displaced fans took advantage and swarmed up to the front, Barbra saying at one point ‘Wow, This is like a rock concert’. Coming back on for a third encore, she thanked us for our efforts giving us one more song as a gesture for the trouble we had had making our way through the mud and traffic and sang Smile. Within seconds the crowd erupted in unison with her singing along, by the third line Barbra said ‘Wow, I hope someone is recording this – you are great’

It was an end to a show that for some (like me) lived up to every expectation and surpassed others, I was very happy that she left the stage, hubbie on arm, on such a warm high note.

Dublin newspaper headlines about muddy concertOk – the Bad Bits.

So yeah, we know about the mud and the rain. We also know that there was traffic chaos; we also know that people should have given themselves more time to get to the venue. Although having said that – for those of you who don’t know Celebridge, it is a one street town, a couple of kilometres off the motorway. The road leading into the town, on a good day, is often congested. In short, the show turned into a mud bath of chaos as people could not get to the venue. To start, when we arrived we looked for my sisters seats. Row AA (260euro). The chairs had stickers with hand written letters scrawled. (The production company claim the seating troubles was caused also by the rain washing the stickers off – NOT TRUE…they were just badly placed).The sign posting of the blocks within Block A – which is the main seating area in front of the stage, were not visible until you were in front of them, they were at waist level. Block A rows A-Z ended and no AA existed..I think it started at YY – I could be wrong. Stewards were not easily identifiable.

From the beginning two things were wrong: 1/Stewards were not properly policing the seating blocks. Once you walked into the concert area, having your ticket scanned –that was the last check we encountered. 2/ And most importantly – the organisers decided to re-arrange seating – maybe it was because of the concert not being sold out…who knows as they haven’t admitted anything yet. And rather then deal with it like the military operation it should have been, they allowed it to fall into utter chaos.

After the third song, Barbra looked down into the front rows and actually said ‘Don’t be fighting’ – it marred her performance greatly – mostly so the dialogue about eating…which is supposed to be funny and a self-kick at her eating habits. The crowd barely reacted to most of anything at the start. The vibes down in the Block A (the major spenders seating area) were so stressed and upset. It was bad enough that people had to abandon there cars miles from the venue, and also within the venue’s road (thus causing massive delays at the end) – contend with badly signed pathways to the concert area, the mud and the knowledge that with every minute passing another euro’s worth of their 800+ spend was going down the drain.

I, who was raised above this, on the tiered section that is!!!...felt it coming off the crowd. I am so lucky not to have been among them because seeing people weep and shout and phone friends and newspapers and bitch and scream while Barbra was singing would have been my worst nightmare. I feel so sorry for the people that were right in the middle of it. I hope anyone who cheated and stole seats, who took advantage of the situation, are utterly ashamed of themselves. The production company, by today’s headlines, are blaming the weather, the motorway and ‘opportunistic fans’ as being the cause of the problem. The truth from someone who saw it, first hand is…firstly the seating was rearranged at the last minute, with no announcements, no explanation by the stewards, with ill equipped and uncompassionate staff who were in charge of seating. These people paid ENORMOUS amounts of money and they were treated with contempt, arrogance and total disregard. Obviously the staff were over whelmed by the situation so the next place to look to blame is management. The consumers affairs minister has advised all those effected to write to the production company and to his office.

On an optimistic note, as you’ve read above, the second half of the concert was incredible, the audience more relaxed and certainly by the end on an ultimate high. They should have felt that way from start to finish. It really wasn’t that much to expect – whether you paid 195 or 560.

Don’t you think!?


Streisand sings on Dublin stage


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