The Way We Were: The Sequel?

For years there was talk of a sequel to The Way We Were. It's never been made, nor does it look like it ever will be.

Producer Ray Stark talked about a sequel, but the films' principals (Streisand, Redford, and screenwriter Laurents) weren't interested at first.

The issue of payment (according to Laurents) may have soured Streisand and, especially, Redford. Laurents wrote in his memoire, Original Story By, that both stars had to sue Stark for their percentage of the film's gross.

Laurents said it was a decade after the original movie that Redford asked him to write a filmic love story. Laurents, instead, came up with a sequel to The Way We Were. Laurents described the plot:

Hubbell and their daughter (a radical like Katie), who comes on to him not knowing he is her father; Katie and Hubbell who never stopped loving one another; Katie jealous of her daughter and deeply attached to her second husband, David, who loves her and the daughter he has really been a father to. Add outtakes from the original so that, for one example, when Hubbell and Katie talk long distance for the first time in fifteen years, what each visualizes on the other end is the other fifteen years ago. Add an ending at the chaotic 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago with police brutality against marching protesters who are shouting to the TV cameras: “The whole world's watching!” The possibilities were exciting.

Laurents explained in his book that Redford abandoned the screenplay in the early 1980s “because Ray Stark would produce it and he hates Ray. It's a whole long story with Redford. He's impossible, egocentric.”

Streisand became interested in reuniting with Redford in the 1990s. Redford originally had the rights to Pat Conroy's novel The Prince of Tides and thought it'd be a great property to bring Streisand back together with him on screen. Streisand, of course, ended up producing, directing and starring in Tides with Nick Nolte instead of Redford.

Streisand told a magazine in 1992 that the sequel “would be about how passion wins over intellect. In The Way We Were, it doesn't: Passion gets relegated to second position. But there's no question, he is the love of her life.”

Meanwhile, Laurents says it was 1996 when Streisand approached him for the sequel. Laurents said Ray Stark sold the property to Streisand, who wanted to direct, produce, and co-star with Redford.

Oprah interviews Redford and Streisand in 2010

In 2010, on the Oprah Show with Redford, Streisand confirmed: “There was a great story with our daughter, who would have become a political activist as well, at Berkeley in 1968, the year of the Democratic Convention. There was a very interesting story there.”

Redford told Oprah, too, “I just felt certain things should be left alone, and this was one of them.”

“I wanted it to be released on the 25th anniversary,” Streisand revealed to Piers Morgan in 2012, “but we never made it.”

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