The Cut Scenes From “A Star is Born”

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"Evergreen"/ Guitar Scene

The first major scene that didn't make it into the final cut of A Star is Born involved Esther (Streisand) strumming the guitar and playing “Evergreen” for John Norman (Kristofferson).

scenes of Streisand playing guitar

Like Streisand in real life, Esther was embarrassed to sing it in front of him, so she turned her back to John Norman when she played the song. Barbra's guitar lessons paid off for this scene! At the end, Ester turns around and John Norman is asleep.

“Tell me about the road...”

Esther talks about going out on the road with John Norman

This scene, set in John Norman and Esther's desert home, shows the two talking about going out on the road together to do concert tours.

Bread-Baking Scene

Shortly after John Norman and Esther move to the desert, there is a montage of the couple getting the land ready for building their dream house, including sleeping in a tent and a scene in which John Norman pumps the first water from the well (Esther spits it out!). Following the montage was a humorous scene in which Esther, alone in the kitchen, bakes bread. She is covered with dough and flour and talking to herself in a funny Julia Child voice.

frames from bread baking scene

'Why, Esther, you say you made this bread yourself?' (in her own voice) 'Of course I made this bread myself ... with the sourdough starter I got from an Eskimo roadie I knew...'

Meanwhile, the steaks in the oven catch on fire, filling the kitchen with smoke. John Norman throws the burning steaks outside.

You were so brave. You killed it before it could get us.

What was it?

The steaks. My God, I thought the house was going to go.

At the end of the scene, back inside, John Norman tells Esther he is not going to tour with her.

“Eat the chow mein”

Another scene that was cut involved Esther in the studio rehearsing “Evergreen” with John Norman's band. They take a dinner break and Esther complains that her Chinese food noodles are hard, not soft as she likes them. What's really bothering her is that the song does not sound like how she imagines it — “I don't like the song in F sharp. I could sing it better in E flat.”

Cut scene in the recording studio

John Norman asks Esther to marry him and Esther replies, “I wouldn't marry no man with a ring in his ear.”

The scene would have been followed by the other recording studio scene in which Streisand sings “Evergreen” to Kristofferson.

Drunk at the Theater

After John Norman embarrasses Esther at the Grammy Awards, this short scene showed the two walking across the lobby.

walking across the lobby

Esther confronts the crowd of people staring at her: “Haven't you ever got stoned or drunk before?” and she and John Norman go into the Men's bathroom to escape the looks.

“I'm going out.”

Esther tells managers she'll perform again

This scene, cut from the final film, shows Esther coming out of her house after John Norman has died and telling her agents that she'll perform again.



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