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Wide shot of Swan stage

In the final version of Funny Girl, Fanny's big opening night comedy ballet based on Swan Lake has been cut to approximately 3 minutes and 45 seconds. As it appears in the film, the number features one minute of ballet before Streisand appears and sings the new Jule Styne/Bob Merrill song. Then, some comedic ballet dancing follows, with Fanny interacting with the Prince. Finally, Fanny flies to the top of the stage on wires and the number ends.

Staged by Herbert Ross, what would have followed was some more funny ballet choreography, still based on the classic Swan Lake ballet.

The evil von Rothbart appears and engulfs Fanny in his robe.

von Rothbart and Fanny

The Prince shoots an arrow at von Rothbart, but misses and strikes Fanny instead.

Fanny, struck by an arrow

Fanny walks over to the Prince, removes the arrow, and plunges it into the Prince.

Fanny kills the Prince

Then, Fanny dies—comedically and eloquently—as the swan.

More Swan Stuff

Below: In August 1967, “The Swan” even had some different lyrics:

Alternate lyrics for the Swan number

Fanny had additional dialogue once the Prince entered:

What are you going to do, shoot the swans? These lovelies? My swans girls? What are you, dumb?!? You know in my country, swan country, we got a big shortage on swans, and you, dumbness, you're gonna shoot them. Shoot a pigeon, shoot a fish, shoot an indian, but don't shoot a beyooteeful swan!

And during the ballet, Fanny had more dialogue:

You know, we queens got a terrific problem. I mean, there's always so much tension between the Princess and the prince.

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