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Streisand and Sharif film the garden scene

The scene between Fanny and Nick in the garden of their mansion (which, by the way, was filmed at Ray Stark's Los Angeles home) was shortened in the final cut of Funny Girl. Still in the final film is the exposition that Nick lost his ruffled shirt in his last deal and that Fanny “wouldn't be insulted” if they moved into an apartment New York City. “What bothers me even more than losing the house is the fact that I seem to have lost my poker face,” Nick says. “Just to me, honey,” Fanny replies.

At that point, Fanny pulls Nick across the lawn and they have a frank discussion about money and marriage.

The song “Pink Velvet Jail” expressed Nick's feelings about marriage. Nick, left alone by Fanny after the garden scene, sings ...

What does a man need?
Some shirts and some neckties
An address to pick up his mail

Then some woman claims him
And after she tames him
He's locked in a Pink Velvet Jail

There's coffee and quiet
And light conversation
The world seems so distant and pale

You need her, you need her
But love's made her freer
And you're in a Pink Velvet Jail
You're locked in a Pink Velvet Jail.

The final film contains scenes with the gambling character Branca, and with Nick gambling instead of attending Fanny's opening night in which she performs a comedy number based on Swan Lake ...

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