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Part 7: Trimmed. Scene 146B. INT. ZIEGFELD STAGE

cut scene

After the song, "Sadie, Sadie," the final film cuts to Eddie holding Fanny's feet as she does sit-ups, getting back in shape after having her baby.

It looks like the next scene (INT. ZIEGFELD STAGE) was actually shot, which the production photos below illustrate ...

ZIEGFELD sits at a table loaded with scripts, having a conference with two writers and FANNY about new comedy bits for her in the next Ziegfeld show.

(The publicity photo, below, confuses things a bit. Shown is Georgia, Ziegfeld, and Fanny looking at designs...except that Georgia doesn't make her entrance until later—see below.)

Georgia, Ziegfeld, and Fanny

More that was cut ...

Meanwhile, the scene proceeds with Eddie asking Fanny about Nick. She informs Eddie that Nick is in Oklahoma drilling for oil. Eddie's face becomes serious, but in the final film, the scene was cut in half at this point. The trimmed parts:

You haven't put money into that deal, Fan, have you? Your own money?

FANNY (Frowning)
Our money. Why?

It's just that you've worked so hard for everything you have.

What did I have besides work before I got married? I used to think — when does the fun begin? When do the clowns come on?

EDDIE (dryly)
And then you met Nick.

We've piled up a lot of time, Eddie, so I'm going to let you get away with that. Just this once.

Sorry. I have this old habit of worrying about you.

Break it!

Eddie stands miserably as Fanny turns and starts off. At the same moment, GEORGIA ENTERS HURRIEDLY.

Georgia and Fanny hugGEORGIA
Hey, Fanny!

Georgia! Like old times, huh?

Oh, Fan, I'm so happy you're back.

You're an hour late, Georgia. Are you sure you want to be in this show?

GEORGIA (coldly)
I couldn't care less, Flo. So if you'd rather —

Georgia talks back to Flo

Hey, cut it out, you two! Talk nice on my first day back...

The scene continues in the wings ...

Georgia and Fanny

This is my fourth Follies. So it's probably my last.

Sure, if you keep coming late to rehearsals.

It isn't that. If all you have to sell is a face and a body, it better be a fresh face and a fresh body.

Oh, come on, Georgia, you're good for ten more shows!

GEORGIA (smiling)
Marvelous, that dream world you live in ...

As Fanny enters from the wings, she stops as she sees Eddie standing there, looking sheepish and miserable. “Want to try that routine again?” The scene continues, as it does in the final film, with Eddie and Fanny dancing across the stage.

Eddie in cut scene

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