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Part 6: Cut. Scene 87. INT. EMPTY THEATRE—FANNY ...

Fanny sits in empty theater

After Fanny and Nick sang “You Are Woman, I Am Man,” writer Isobel Lennart's final shooting script included a scene which reminded the audience that they were watching Fanny's flashback. Fanny was shown again in the empty theater seen at the beginning of the film, with tears welling in her eyes.

Trim. Scene 88. INT. BRICE SALOON.

Following that, the movie flashed back to Henry Street. There was a short song (another leftover from the Broadway show) sung by the Henry Street ladies. (“I think you're bluffing—bluffing”).

Mrs Brice and card playing friends

The movie picks up right after the song, with Mrs. Brice saying, “I'm calling you. What have you got?” and continuing with Mrs. Brice discussing her daughter's silly behavior. "You think it could be a fella?" Mrs. O'Malley asks. "I don't think — I know!” Brice replies.

However, the dialogue that “capped” the scene was trimmed. (It was also another Strakosh character moment that was excised!) After “the ruffled shirt!” ...


That lovely Mr. Arnestein. I knew she'd see him again. I put the idea in their heads. I planted a little seed.


You planted a little seed on Henry Street and a year later a tree grows in Baltimore.

Funny Girl frames

Trims & Cuts. Scene 122—140. “Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady”

In Act 2 of Funny Girl—Fanny has sung “Don't Rain On My Parade,” rendezvoused with Nick on the boat to Europe, and Nick has won his poker game—the next big cut and reworking of the movie was the “Sadie” number.

“Sadie, Sadie” was recorded and filmed one way, then some of it re-filmed again with a new opening lyric and vocal by Streisand. Below I've reproduced the script, which—more or less—jibes with the rare recording of this alternate version of “Sadie.”

You can listen the alternate recording below, and read along below that:

Fanny deciding between orange and prune juice



I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady,

See what's on my hand,

There's nothing quite as touching

As a simple wedding band.

Oh, how that marriage license works

On chambermaids and hotel clerks.

The honeymoon was such delight

That we got married that same night.


I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady,

Still in bed by noon

Racking my brains deciding

Between orange juice and prune.

Nick says Nothing is too good for me,

And who am I not to agree?

I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady, that's me!

As she gets up, starts writing a post card, NICK, in a robe and ascot, comes out of the bathroom.

Sending out the news?

Starting with the person most concerned.

Gene Callahan as Captain

[Photo, above: Production Designer Gene Callahan — left frame with beard — was cast as the Captain of the ship that Nick and Fanny sailed on.]

123. CUT TO: POST CARD - Mrs. Strakosh, puzzled, is showing the post card of the bearded Captain to Mrs. Brice, Mrs. Meeker, and Mrs. O'Malley.

What kind of a rabbi wears a uniform?


124. CUT TO: POST CARD - Monte Carlo. Angle widens to reveal KEENEY AND EDDIE looking at it:

FANNY (on track)
Hello from Monte Carlo
Where we gave the wheel a try
Good luck not only kissed us
But it spit right in our eye.

125. CUT TO: POST CARD - TOWER OF LONDON. Angle widens to reveal ZIEGFELD reading the card.

FANNY (on track)
Nick's prospects haven't been too bright
So I'll play London one fortnight.
I love the Palladium
I'm simply mad for the British
I hear the king is really yiddish

126. CUT TO: POST CARD - EPSOM DOWNS. Angle widens we see GEORGIA AND VERA in dressing room, looking at postcard

FANNY (on track)
At Epsom Downs Nick really clicked
The money filled a sack
I can't, of course, forgive the horse
What he did on the track!

127. CUT TO: POST CARD - ANNE HATHAWAY'S COTTAGE. Eddie reading it to Mrs. Brice in her kitchen.

"Nick's putting his Epson Downs fortune into something like this — but on Long Island, so we'll be closer to mama's chicken soup."

FANNY (on track) **
-- Arriving soon,
United States,
So open up dem poily gates
For Sadie, Sadie, married lady
Dot's me!

** on the recording above, this section is replaced with:

FANNY (on track)
We're sailing home,
So Rosie, dear,
Bring chicken soup down to the pier
I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady
That's me!

At this point in this alternate version of the number, the camera focuses on a POST CARD of a Long Island estate. The picture comes alive as Nick and Fanny's car pulls up to the house. Fanny and Nick enter the house, and the scene plays much like it does in the final film, with Fanny saying, “This is the perfect house for a millionaire!” to which Nick replies/sings, “And for - Sadie, Sadie, married lady ...”

The song departs from the final film again here:

136. CUT TO: EXT. TERRACE - Fanny & Nick entertaining EDDIE, MRS. BRICE, GEORGIA, ZIEGFELD and the ZIEGFELD GIRLS & their escorts.

I swear I'll do my wifely job
Just sit at home, become a snob!
I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady
That's me!

137. INT. DINING ROOM - Fanny checking the dinner table, GEORGIA looking on.

GEORGIA (singing) **
Fanny, you did the trick!

FANNY (speaking)
It's nothing!

Not every girl can get herself
A guy who looks like Nick

To tell the truth, it hurt my pride --
The groom was prettier than the bride.

** You can hear the bars of music on the recording where Georgia was to have sang; the recording is missing Anne Francis' vocals.

The song completes with Fanny, pregnant, singing “A husband, a house and a beautiful reflection ...”

Ziegfeld discusses business with Fanny

Still ANOTHER VERSION of the script had this exchange at the table, right after “...just sit at home, become a slob!” as Ziegfeld, Eddie, Georgia, Mrs. Brice and Fanny are seated outside:

Ziegfeld script excerpt

Whos who in Sadie

(Above, left to right: Georgia, Eddie, Ziegfeld, Fanny, Mrs. Brice, Nick)

The scene wraps with Nick telling Mrs. Brice, “I'll do my best to make her happy.” Mrs. Brice replies:


Who can make anybody else happy? If it's right, you'll both be happy. If not ... not. But be polite to each other. People get married, they shouldn't stop being polite.

Group shot in Fanny's garden

The song completes, again, with Fanny, pregnant, singing “A husband, a house and a beautiful reflection ...”

Second Act Structure

Intermission title card

Between the August and October 1967 screenplay drafts, the Funny Girl second act story structure was changing. For example, in the August 1967 version, the following scenes occur after Sadie:

Trims. Scene 140. INT. NURSERY - DAY

Nick and Fanny in nursery

After Nick gives Fanny an add-a-pearl necklace to safe-keep for their new baby, the scene was to have continued.

Come sit down, help me make a decision.

FANNY (lovingly, as they sit)
You know something? You have beautiful ears!

Thank you. You may consider them your very own. And now that you have four ears, will you kindly listen?

Nick, if you mean shut up and listen, why don't you just say —

Shut up and listen! Well, following the brilliant showing I made in Florida, I think it's —

What loused up the Florida deal was a hurricane! How was that your fault?!

All right—it wasn't my fault. But I did lose quite a bundle, it is time I got started on something new, and two things have come up.

Nick and Fanny in cut nursery scene

Nick explains he wants Fanny to help choose between two business deals: one is a desk job, the other is drilling for oil.

Nick, I fell in love with you floating ten feet over the ground. If you want a mahogany desk, you married the wrong girl! (breezily) You have no problem — go dig yourself an oil well!

NICK (singing)

Fanny hugs Nick

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