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Part Four: Trims. “His Love Makes Me Beautiful” ...

Screen caps of Funny Girl film

The early version of the big bridal number, “His Love Makes You Beautiful” is included here. By listening, one can hear how the number was pared down for the final film. Also, some of the orchestrations on this early version are different, especially during the procession of brides down the staircase.


Please note the different and longer introduction, as well the abundance of “oohs” by the chorus girls in between phrases.

Also, it is obvious that the “Horn of Plenty” girl was re-dubbed for the final film.


At the party scene, you can spot where a few lines were trimmed from the scene.

Mr. Keeney is seen getting beer foam on his mustache at the bar. Following that was a line by Fanny to Keeney: “Believe me, Mr. Keeney—Ziegfeld isn't half as tough as you!” Below is a production photo where it looks like Streisand is delivering this line.

Fanny and Keeney

Right before Mrs. Strakosh, dancing with Nick, says “You married?”, Fanny and Eddie had an exchange that advanced Eddie's subplot and explained why he was present in future scenes.



But if you worked for Ziegfeld, I'd at least see you once in a blue mood!

Fanny and Eddie scene

These three production photos (below) show Dolly, one of the party guests, tackling Nick on the dance floor before Mrs. Brice has to interfere.

Dolly, Nick and Mrs Brice

Mrs. Brice had a short scene at the party in which she toasted her daughter (see photo, below).

Mrs Brice toasts Fanny

Also, Sadie had one line that got trimmed. In the final film, Mrs. Strakosh and Nick come into the frame and you can see where they trimmed Sadie's line away. Sadie said, “Personally, a nice husband like I've got is better than a career. I would say to her — Fanny, I'd say...” Then Sadie is interupted by Strakosh. (See frame, below).

Sadie's cut scene

Finally, another apparent trim was an extension of the “sponge fits in anyplace” scene. In the final film, the editor dissolves the scene out just as Eddie enters the frame.

Eddie's lines were cut

The scene, however, continued ...



A sponge fits in anyplace. To me, when a person's a stranger, they should act a little strange.

EDDIE (feeling no pain)

What's he do — I mean, for a living?


He's in finance — high finance.

EDDIE (mulling that over)

High finance.

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