Funny Girl, the Cut Scenes

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“Funny Girl” Song—Trimmed

Streisand singing Funny Girl

The song “Funny Girl” had a different, dramatic ending than what was used in the final film.

The first part of the song was as it appears in the film—with Streisand singing and crying in the courthouse.

The second part was shot (see still to the left). With a dramatic score underneath, Fanny rose from her theater seat, and walked into her dressing room. Turning on the light, and taking off her coat, she sang the last verse while looking at a photograph of Nick Arnstein.

photos of cut Funny Girl scenes

The 45-rpm single which was released to record stores to promote the movie also featured a similar arrangement, with the long orchestrated break before the final verse.

Of course, in the final film, the reprise was eliminated, Fanny walked up on the stage, and the final scene in the backstage dressing room began.

End Cut Scenes.

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