Funny Girl, the Cut Scenes

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Scenes preceding this one: Fanny confronts Nick for missing her opening night; Nick wins some cash but has to tell Peterson it won't make a dent in what he owes him ...

Streisand in clostume for Scene 172

In the final film, the next scene begins with Fanny and Mrs. Brice playing cards in the Arnstein apartment and speaking about Nick.

Anne Francis, who portrayed Fanny's friend Georgia James, had a big scene in which she bursts into Fanny's New York apartment and tells Fanny that she lives in a fantasy world and that people, including Nick, find it very hard to live up to her high expectations.

Photos of Anne Francis in this scene

Georgia and Fanny in an emotional scene.

This scene was most likely cut because it was redundant. Georgia would have been telling Fanny she lives in a fantasy world, followed by Mrs. Brice telling Fanny to wake up and acknowledge Nick's gambling problem. The mother/daughter scene was probably deemed to be more poignant.

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