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Costume & Hair Tests

Designer Arnold Scaasi created the modern fashions that Streisand's character Daisy would wear in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. [More here]

Scaasi costume sketches for On A Clear Day

The venerable Cecil Beaton was hired to create Streisand’s Regency gowns for the flashback scenes. Beaton wrote in his diaries: “But although the clothes were mostly made here in London, the time spent in going to Tangier to get cheap tissues, and supervising each individual ball dress, was quite considerable.” [More here]

Cecil Beaton costume sketches

Below: Streisand posed at Paramount for hair tests before filming of the movie commenced.

Streisand hair test photos

Below: More Streisand's ON A CLEAR DAY hair, makeup, and costume tests — from the collection of Doug Majors.

Streisand hair and makeup tests

Filming “Clear Day”

Clear Day, scheduled for an 87-day shoot, began filming on the Paramount lot in January 1969. On the soundstage sets, they filmed Chabot's office, Daisy's roof and apartment, and some interior scenes at the University.

Next, the company moved to England in April 1969 for location work at Brighton.

Modern photo of Brighton Pavilion

(Above: A modern-day photo of the Royal Pavilion. CLEAR DAY was the first motion picture ever granted permission by the British government to film scenes there.)

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England, a baroque palace created by King George IV, was the setting for On A Clear Day's flashback scenes. “At one time we thought we would build it on the set in Hollywood,” production designer John DeCuir told the L.A. Times. “But then it got up into millions of dollars. It wasn't just duplicating the Pavilion, it was all the fixtures and fittings. I think this is kind of a wild place, when you think of it for what George IV guilt it for—he called it his bath house.”

Barbra explained her feelings about the Pavilion to the newspaper. “It's a combination of the grotesque and the beautiful. And it's grotesquely beautiful.”

Lazenby and Streisand on set

“…on Tuesday Miss Streisand was watched by hundreds of people as she took part in shots on the [Brighton] lawns, which had been greatly changed to preserve the Regency atmosphere. A screen with trees painted on it hid the traffic, and a cobbled road was put down to give the illusion that the entrance to the Pavilion faces Pavilion Parade…. Miss Streisand is staying at the Hotel Metropole. If she gets any free time she intends to go shopping for antiques in the Lanes”

(Brighton Herald, 11 April 1969, p. 4)

Streisand on location

“Barbra Streisand swept out of Brighton yesterday and most of her 240,000 dollar entourage went with her. After eight days and that amount of money, Paramount had filmed just 10-15 minutes of screen time of their lavish musical ‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.’... The rest of the film will be completed in Hollywood…. One scene the unit didn’t have time to shoot at the Pavilion should have been in the pantry. But this was a small problem. Instead, they have taken photographs and will construct a replica in Hollywood”

(Brighton Herald, 11 April 1969, p. 2.).

Cecil Beaton observes Streisand filming at Brighton

(Above: Cecil Beaton [right, in black] observes Streisand filming at Brighton.)

Streisand was excused from the production to attend the April 14, 1969 Academy Awards ceremony for which she was nominated as Best Actress for Funny Girl. After winning the award and returning to the Clear Day set, the company threw a welcome back and congratulations party for Ms. Streisand.

Streisand in front of party band

In May 1969, the Clear Day company departed England for locations in New York City.

Minnelli had hoped to film the modern day college campus scenes in New York at Columbia University. In May 1969, columnist Eleanor Lambert reported, “Vincente Minnelli has his heart set on a certain hillside on the Columbia University campus, overlooking the Hudson River and the Jersey Palisades. It has a view just right for Barbra's big final song.” But student protests over the Vietnam War kept the Clear Day company from filming at Columbia University.

Instead, the University scenes were filmed at Exposition Park Rose Garden in Los Angeles (the opening scene of the film, a student protest scene, and the closing scene, below.)

Streisand at Rose Garden

In New York, the movie filmed ....

Streisand on Lexington Avenue

(Above) on Lexington Avenue and East 72nd Street.

Montand on Pan Am Building

(Above) at the PanAm/Met Life Building (for Montand's “Come Back to Me” song)

Central Park

(Above) at the South East corner of Central Park (for “Come Back to Me”)

Lincoln Center

(Above) At the Lincoln Center fountains (for “Come Back to Me”)


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