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Scene 146. — cut. EXT. The Roof.

Cut Scenes from “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” —Page Nine

Who is there Among Us with Streisand

Jack Nicholson, who played Tad — Daisy's stepbrother— recorded and filmed the song, “Who Is There Among Us Who Knows”. It was the first scene in the second half of the film, right after intermission (which was cut, too). Jack Nicholson sings in Clear Day

Act Two of the film version of Clear Day began with Tad and Daisy on the roof. Tad was strumming a guitar.

Before singing it, Tad told Daisy, “We could have unnamed senses sensing unnamed things ... and we could be wasting all our time searching for reasons when somewhere inside we already know the meaning. Do you know what I mean?”

“No,” Daisy replied.

“Sure you know it,” Tad said. “You just don't know it.”

Below: Streisand hums along with Nicholson on the track.

Streisand holding flower

Then Tad began singing. Click the button below to listen to Jack Nicholson sing “Who Is There Among Us Who Knows”:

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Streisand and Nicholson sing cut song

Below: Streisand in an early costume test. She wore the gold-colored pantsuit in the scene with Nicholson—with a jacket—but the costume tests featured her natural hairstyle.

pantsuit costume test

Scene 147. —cut. EXT. Near the Medical School.

As the crowd of protestors grows around the school, Conrad and Marc have a conversation about what Pam (Marc's estranged wife) would think about the current situation. Marc reveals to Conrad that they've been separated since February.

Marc goes into the building and to Hume's office. The scene between Hume and Marc is in the final film.

Scene 149. - 150. — cut. EXT. School Building.

This was a cute scene where a policeman complained to Marc Chabot about the peaceful students who were protesting. The policeman wants to get rid of them. So Marc approached the students, told them that the investigation into reincarnation will continue, and the students dispersed.

Marc turned to the policeman, who was impressed with Marc's technique of getting rid of the students.

Scene 155. — trimmed. EXT. The Roof (Night).

Rooftop Scene

After Barbra's big number (“What Did I Have That I Don't Have?”), there was a small scene which was trimmed from the film. On the roof, a group which included Warren and Tad (playing softly on his trumpet!) was talking. Daisy was stretched out on a wicker chair, eyes glistening with tears.

Daisy is sad in the whicker chair

Back at his apartment, Dr. Chabot picked up the phone to call Daisy. Daisy, on the roof, sensed he was calling and took the phone off the hook to prevent him from communicating with her.


Honey, I wish Chem Foods could see you now. Tonight you are perfect. Quiet ... dewy-eyed ... contained ... quiet ... just the way I like you.

Daisy's rooftop friends, Muriel and McShane, suggested pizza downstairs at Enrico and Bernardi's. They leave Daisy alone on the roof.

Meanwhile, Marc has arrived at Daisy's apartment and passes Warren and Daisy's friends on the stairway.

Daisy and Chabot on roof

The scene then played as it does in the final film (“Get off my roof!”).

Howard Jeffries and Streisand

(Photo, above: A behind-the-scenes shot ... Howard Jeffries [choreographer] waits for Streisand to check herself in the mirror.)

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