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Scene 69.— trimmed. INT. Marc's Apartment

Cut Scenes,“On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” — Page Five

Cut scene 69

In the scene in which Marc received a call from Conrad telling him to check “books about England” in order to verify Daisy's past lives, some dialogue was trimmed after Marc hung up the phone. Marc dictated a letter to his wife, Pam. (Again, the “Pam Subplot” was excised).


... Conrad and Louise both think you've gone to Europe for a little holiday. I haven't told either one, or anyone for that matter, that we are separated, but not because it would affect my professional reputation. Barbers can be bald, dentists can have false teeth, and all doctors die, so why can't psychiatrists have marital problems?

Scene 73.—cut. EXT. A Street In London. Pelham & Co.

Scene 73 from Clear Day

In Clear Day's final cut, Daisy (wearing her flowered dress) was hypnotized in Marc's office again. Marc discovered that in her past life she died in London at age 28. Daisy said, “I just hated to die at twenty-eight I just hope I don't have to do it again.” To which Marc replied, “It's better than twenty-two.” If you pay close attention to Marc's mouth, you can see where Scene 73 would have been inserted. In the film, they've skillfully overdubbed Marc asking the question, “But tell me, how did you ever climb from a kitchen maid's daughter to Lady Moorepark?”

However, before the flashback to the orphanage, there was another flashback scene! Daisy/Melinda told Marc the story of how she started taking an interest in her husband Robert's business.

Below: A rare frame from an excised CLEAR DAY scene! Streisand, as Melinda, dressed in the “purple outfit”, is riding in a carriage. Frame of Streisand in horse-drawn carriage

Scene 73, a flashback scene was cut:

[Melinda] drives up in a horse drawn carriage. She gets out, goes to a building, and tries to read the sign by or over the door to make certain it is Pelham and Co. Sir Joseph Pelham materializes out of the fog.


Ah. Sir Joseph. How fortunate. I have a message for you from Robert Tentrees.


Milady, I have just heard that two more ships that we insured are missing at sea. The only news about Robert Tentrees that would interest me would be to learn he was one of them.


Sir Joseph, if you wish to put an end to these tragedies, I suggest that from now on you listen to Robert Tentrees.


About what?


He will not be in tomorrow, but he asked me to tell you this: under no circumstances insure the “Caroline” and the “Westerly”.


Why do you bring me messages from Robert Tentrees?


It is among the wifely duties, is it not?


(dumfounded) You are married to Robert Tentrees?


(sweetly) Tomorrow. Which is why he will not be in.

Another photo of Streisand in purple CLEAR DAY gown

Above: Another rare photo from this lost scene! Melinda, waving goodbye to Pelham.

After this exchange between Pelham and Daisy, the script cut back to Marc, who then asked: “How did you ever climb from a kitchen maid's daughter to Lady Moorepark?” The film continued with a flashback to Daisy's days at the orphanage with Mrs. Brickstone and Mr. Pimpleton, the postman.

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