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“Wait Till We're 65”

Cut Scenes from “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” — Page Four

Streisand and castmates hold up prisms in front of their faces

“Wait Till We're Sixty-five” was the first song that was cut from On A Clear Day. It was sung by Warren (Larry Blyden) and Daisy (Barbra Streisand), with help from Daisy's rooftop friends Millard Cross, Gus McShane, and Muriel Bunson. The number was choreographed by Howard Jeffries, including a section in the middle of the song in which the whole gang used magnifying prisms that exaggerated their faces. The lead-in dialogue to the song was intact in the final film. Warren said to Daisy, “Look at this! Our whole future! Security unlimited. Just a few years work and we can relax for the rest of our lives.”

Unfortunately, the entire song that followed was cut.

Streisand in cut number

(Above: Streisand holds up a large magnification screen on the roof set; this is part of the choreography for “Wait Till We're Sixty-Five,” a comedic, up-tempo number that was cut from the movie. Below: Streisand and Larry Blyden laugh as they collapse into the rooftop furniture—probably the “button” for the song.)

Streisand and Blyden

Barbra Archives has recreated the number by compiling stills and audio below:

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