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Melinda & Winnie in the Pantry

Cut Scenes from “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” —Page Three

Winnie and Melinda in flashback

The next scene which was filmed then trimmed took place between Melinda and Winnie in the pantry at Brighton.

A few lines of dialogue were trimmed that illustrated Melinda's ambition more clearly. This scene happened just before Barbra's reprise of “Love With All The Trimmings.”


Melinda, when will you ever learn any morality?


After I've got what I want, like everyone else.

Melinda also had an interesting monologue in this scene, which was trimmed out in the final film...


Poor mum. You and all those glorious lifetimes you expect to 'ave. A churchmouse in this life, a queen in the next. Well, maybe it's true and maybe it ain't. But to be on the safe side I want to be a queen this time.

Scene 66. — trimmed— INT. Marc's Office.

Scene 66

After Marc told Daisy to pronounce his name “Chabot” instead of “Shabotte”, they had an exchange about “Winnie Wainwhistle.” The scene showed Marc's attempt to determine whether Daisy was aware of her previous lives. Also cut at the end of this scene, was Marc's reference to “Pam” for the first time. The screenplay established a subplot for Marc involving his estranged wife “Pam.” (The subplot was trimmed from the final film).


Did you ever hear the name Winnie Wainwhistle?

DAISY(Startled — then suddenly defensive)

How did you find out about that?


You mentioned it. I take it you do know her.


She was a friend of mine. You know, when I was a little girl.


I see.

DAISY(slightly ashamed)

An imaginary friend.

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