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“On A Clear Day” — Featurettes

This is the last page of Barbra Archives special, in depth look at Barbra Streisand's 1970 movie musical, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever”—including cut scenes, costumes, and more.

A featurette is a brief documentary film covering aspects of the film creation process. Two were created to publicize On A Clear Day.

“Barbra: Yesterday, Today and Forever”

Scenes from Yesterday, Today Featurette

Directed by Ronald Saland, Elliot Geisinger.

Written by Jay Anson.

Running time: 12 minutes.

“Barbra: Yesterday, Today and Forever” had behind-the-scenes footage of Vincente Minnelli and producer Howard Koch. It showed the crew filming “Hurry! It’s Lovely Up Here” at the Rose Garden in Los Angeles. Also seen were Streisand and Minnelli discussing “Go To Sleep” on set. The last scene was the crew filming the final number on location.

Reincarnation Ball Featurette

Reincarnation Ball footage

There was also a short film about the Reincarnation Ball that Paramount sponsored to celebrate the commencing of filming On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. Footage of Streisand in her Colette costume (alongside manager Marty Erlichman in top hat), as well as Yves Montand, Cecil Beaton, and various other celebrities who attended was shown.

Cut Songs

Out Takes Volume One

Jack Nicholson's song—“Who Is There Among Us Who Knows?”—first appeared on a 1985 album, Cut! Out Takes From Hollywood's Greatest Musicals, Vol. One [Out Take Records, catalog OTF-1]

Wait Til We're 65 single

“Wait Till We're 65” was issued as a bootleg 7-inch record (backed with Dean Martin's “My Shining Star”)—they misspelled Blyden and Barbra's name on the label, as well as getting the title of the song wrong!


Alternate “Clear Day” Soundtrack

Soundtrack ad

An album containing alternate tracks from the Clear Day soundtrack was produced by Chappell Music (publishers of the Lerner & Lane score) and distributed at industry functions prior to the film’s release to publicize it. [Catalog #: EV 2303]

Some of Barbra’s songs on this LP feature either alternate vocals or different orchestrations.

Chappell Track Listing:

† Songs cut from the film or omitted from the soundtrack album.

§ Does not contain Barbra's spoken dialogue.

* Barbra's monologue in the middle was not included. The orchestration of the climax and ending of the song are very different than what was heard in the final film.

** This version of the title tune includes one minute of orchestral underscoring at the beginning. Streisand sings the first lines of the lyric, then more underscoring. At 2:10, Barbra sings the song uninterrupted, just like in the film. You can hear a choir of voices at the end of the song, ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’ behind Barbra. The choir was nixed altogether for the final soundtrack.

Another photo of the label on the alternate CLEAR DAY album

(Special thanks to Ricky Coombs for the scans of the labels above.)

The alternate soundtrack was also pressed on Arise Records (ARS 296901) and does not include the Montand songs. (This one sounds like it was a bootleg).

Clear Day Alternate Soundtrack

(Special thanks to LARRY YALKOWSKY for scans & help with the alternate soundtrack info found here.)


Vocal Selections Sheet Music Book

Chappell & Co. published a “Vocal Selections” book of sheet music of the songs from “On A Clear Day.” It's interesting to note that Alan Jay Lerner's alternate lyrics for “She Isn't You” are included, as well as the music to “Go To Sleep.” The 40-page book is illustrated with black-and-white stills from the film.

Clear Day vocal selections book

“Clear Day” Singles & Live

Streisand at International Hotel

Columbia Records released a promotional single (mono/stereo) of the title tune from On A Clear Day You Can See Forever in July 1970. It differed from the soundtrack version because it was arranged and conducted by Barbra's main musical collaborator, Peter Matz. (Nelson Riddle arranged the soundtrack version of the song).

Barbra sings the single much like the soundtrack version, although there are different subtleties in her vocals on the single.

The “Clear Day” single was recorded in March 1970 in a studio session produced by Wally Gold (with Matz conducting). At that session, Streisand also recorded single versions of “What Did I Have” and “He Isn't You” which Peter Matz arranged. Those songs have never been released.

Barbra introduced the song “On A Clear Day” in her July 1969 act at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. In fact, she performed an entire Clear Day medley in which she told the story of the film and sang part of “Hurry, It's Lovely Up Here,” as well as “He Isn't You,” and “What Did I Have.”


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